Algobrix | The Ultimate Coding Learning Game

Have you ever thought of joining the joy of building LEGO with the joy of coding? Now you can pass it to your kids with a bright idea called Algobrix.

According to its creators:

Algobrix teaches kids how to code by guiding them through the steps of programming a robot’s movements. But instead of scripts to write, they have blocks to arrange, in a tangible way that’s true to real coding.

It’s the awesomeness of robots, the lasting fun of building blocks, and the problem solving of 3D puzzles. It’s Algobrix.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the presentation video:

This is currently a kickstarter project and you can find more information and back it here.

At the time of this post, they already have been funded with 529 backers and more than $140000 (the pledge was for $50000).

I you liked the idea, follow the link and back this awesome project.

LEGO Catalog for the 2nd Half of 2017

The new Catalog is now available online from the official LEGO catalog website.

This is basically the confirmation of most of the rumours of the latest months. An there a some noticeable news.

  • APPS: A digital catalog that can be downloaded in the apps store where you can see all the sets in 3D
  • LEGO HOUSE: An advertisement to the new LEGO House that will open on the 28th of September in Billund, Denmark.
  • LEGO CITY: The new LEGO CITY Coast Guard collection featuring a lot of new boats and ships. Awesome for improving your city.
  • LEGO CITY: For the ones that like adventures, the new LEGO City Jungle sets are amazing. A lot of new vehicles and an exploration site.
  • MARVEL: 2 new Spiderman Homecoming and 2 new Thor Ragnarok sets. The new Hulk is really amazing.
  • DC: On the DC side, 2 new Justice league sets.
  • DC: Also Batman the Movie has 5 new sets. It seems LEGO is still betting on their latest animation with 15 sets on the catalog (a total of 60 minfigures and 2 bigfigures)
  • NEXUS: Although there were rumours saying that the Nexus line was going to be discontinued, LEGO is going to release 5 new sets, having a total of 10 sets.
  • NINJAGO MOVIE: A total of 10 new sets are going to be release. Special mention to the 70618 Destiny’s Bounty, a really cool Chinese boatwith all Ninjago’s ninja Team.
  • NINJAGO: From the common Ninjago line, there will be 13 new sets, but none is new.
  • STAR WARS: My favorite theme has, as usual, new sets, 8 to be exact. From the new sets, the most appealing is the 75183, the Darth Vader Transformation. Although I already all the minifigures, is a good opportunity to the ones that are searching for good versions of Palpatine and Darth Vader. The Battle damaged Vader is also looking pretty cool. The 75167, the Bounty Hunter’s Speed Bije is also an awesome addition to the ones that collect minifigures. Nice opportunity to have 4 new legendary Bounty Hunters.
  • STAR WARS: Is still the line with most sets. 35 sets with a total of 145 minifigures!!! I’m not counting with the ones of the UCS sets that don’t appear on the catalog.
  • STAR WARS: In the field of Buildable Figures, Star Wars has 2 new ones: The Storm Trooper Commander and the Scout Trooper Speeder bike (the first buildable figure with a vehicle).
  • TECHNIC: There are also 3 new Technic sets on the catalog. Special mention to the 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck with 63 cms wide. It’s also a 2 in 1 which mean that it has an alternative build.

Just click the image below to access the new Catalog. Enjoy!

How to build RIBBA Frame for Disney Minifigures

My favorite way of displaying my minifigures is using an IKEA RIBBA frame. It’s cheap, keeps the minifigures away from dust, you can add a cool background to it and is an awesome way do show them off. It’s such a good way that LEGO released a similar way to display them, but without the protective glass.

(click on the link to check the item on the LEGO shop)

In my opinion the official LEGO option has 2 major drawbacks compared to the RIBBA approach: It does not allow to add a background and does protected the minifigures from dust.

With this, lets start to build the RIBBA frame. In this example i’m using the Disney collectible minifigures with a background I made and that you can get for free here.

Step 1: The Background

Just print your favorite background and glue it to the back of the RIBBA frame.

Step 2: The Placeholder

With some old LEGO parts make a placeholder where you will insert the Black Slope Inverted 45º 2 x 2 (part 3660). It’s crucial that in the lower part of the inserts you put an old flat tile 1X2 so that you can easily remove the placeholder.

For this collection I adapted the placeholder to have a total of 18 inserts (6 on each row). The maximum number of inserts a RIBBA can take is 21 (7 on each row).

Step 3: Inserting the Pieces

Start gluing the Black Slope Inverted through the inserts. Glue the back part of the Slope and inserted it in a free space. Remember that you need to put the slope as near the flat tile as possible.

I used hot glue for this. For my experience, hot glue makes the slopes more stable then other types of glue. But be careful: you will not have a second try because the glue dries in seconds.


Step 4: Closer look to the piece insertion on the placeholder

With some more detail.

Step 5: The completed background

After you glue all the slopes, wait 5 minutes and remove the placeholder.

Step 6: The completed background with all the Minifigures

Just insert all the minifigures in the slopes and the most difficult part is done.

For some minifigures like the Little Mermaid I usually use adhesive Blu tack or UHU Patafix because other way they will not fit.

Step 7: Inserting the background into the frame

After all the minifigures are in place, just insert the background into the Frame, closet and job completed!

Hope you liked it. I’ll soon make a video with the Batman collectible minifigures that will show all the steps of the process in detail. Stay tunned.

R3-M2 Astromech droid is now available with any Star Wars purchase!

The day after May the 4th promotion ended, LEGO gives us the new promotion in Europe, be astromech droid from the Rogue One movie, R3-M2™.

The polybag is special because it seems to be part of a collection of astromech polybags that LEGO is going to launch. It a a special base that interconnects

It’s now available on the UK, New Zealand and other Europe countries. It is expected to Be available in the US an Canada in the next couple of hours.


LEGO Technic X-Wing

Browsing through Eurobricks just found an amazing build. The user drakmin from Finland is building an amazing X-Wing using technic parts.

It is still work in progress but, from what we can see by the pictures above, the end result will be fantastic.

Check out the thread on Eurobricks forum where drakmin shares the status of the build.

Series 17 mystery minifigure spotted in the wild

It seems that the first pictures of the series 17 mystery minifigure are being spotted. The Instagram user lego_collector_dad has posted a picture of what he claims to be the minifigure number 16 of the new collection.

It seems to be a robber with great detail on the body and legs, carrying 2 guns and a cape.

Honestly i would expect more from such a fuzz made around this mystery minifigure. If the idea was to make all the AFOLs in the world trying to discover what the minifigure was, LEGO you did it. But I would expect more from a secret figure.

The collectible minifigures series 17 will be available on the 1st of May.

Functional LEGO NERF Gun

Tired of see a lot of non functional LEGO Guns online, the owner of AstonishingStudios youtube channel decided to recreate the iconic NERF Gun Maverick Rev-6. This NERF is special because it is commonly used for modding.

In the video it is briefly explained how the gear works. Pretty smart! Check it out below!

Flintstones can enter the LEGO World

Just yesterday I was browsing LEGO Ideas website when I found a Flintstones themed project. There are some Flintstones projects in Ideas, but this was the one that I found to be the most interesting.

When I browsed the name I found out that the creator, Andrew Clark, was the guy responsible for the already retired Ideas set, the 21304 Doctor Who, the only LEGO set representing the iconic sy-fy series.

The MOC is actually pretty good and it is a good representation of the iconic Hanna Barbera’s animated series. Certainly this set would please a LOT of AFOL’s because it is an animation series of their childhood.

There is also a video on youtube showcasing the main details of the set.

I would certainly buy this set! That’s why I just shared my support.

LEGO 2016 Report

The LEGO group just released it’s annual report and, as expected of one of the largest toy companies in the world, its profits increased. You can see the report here but here are the highlights:

  • Revenue increased 6% ( $5.4 billion against $5.1 billion in 2015);
  • Profit increased from $1.32 billion to $1.34 billion;
  • Employers increased from 13,974 in 2015 to 16,836 in 2016;
  • Among the best sellers are: LEGO® City, LEGO® Star Wars™ and LEGO® NINJAGO®

Glad to see that LEGO is still one of the best in the world!

LEGO Ideas Vintage Tram

The LEGO Ideas user kevinszeto is well known in the LEGO community because he is one of the few that has a published set. The set is the well known The Beatles Yellow Submarine published in the end of 2016.

Now he has one more set under evaluation. It is the beautiful Vintage Tram. This Vintage Tram is actually a replica of a well known tram still in use in Portugal’s second largest city, Oporto.

This set is a great way to preserve the cultural heritage and more projects like this should be available on LEGO Ideas. My only fear is that, because is a piece of heritage from a specific country, LEGO doesn’t consider it to be one of the chosen. Because the set has to sell, the chosen sets are always about themes that are appreciated worldwide. This would be wonderful for people in Portugal or people that love Trams, but probably not so interesting for the rest of the LEGO fans out there. Sincerely I hope I’m wrong.

The same user also made 2 more vintage trams: one from San Francisco and one from Istambul

Fingers crossed and go luck kevinszeto.