The next LEGO Shop gifts

LEGO Shop is known for giving a lot of interesting polybags with purchases over a certain value. Also in some exclusive Events (like SDCC) we might see some of the below being given.

And here are the next giveaways:

40173 The Scarif Stormtrooper

The rumours say it is going to be given in the force friday in September.

/40177 LEGO City Jungle Polybag

A new polybag featuring the new LEGO City jungle line.

5004394 LEGO Ninjago Movie Polybag

This does not look like a norma polybag. It seems to be a scenario so you can take pictures of Ninjago Characters like they were in the movie.

5004914 LEGO Nexo Knights Armor Pod

LEGO is really into the Pod business now. This is one more example of that.

5004915 LEGO Ninjago-Movie-Wu-Key-Chain

One more promo from the Ninjago movie. This time featuring Marter Wu in a keychain.

5004916 LEGO Ninjago Movie Kai’s Dojo Pod

One more Pod this time for the Ninjago Movie. It features Kai with a lot of weapons.

5004920 LEGO Friends Ski Pod

The last Pod in this list. This time a LEGO Friends one.

5004934 LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament

This is probably one of the Christmas giveaway. An ornament for your christmas tree

The LEGO Store in Leicester Square

I had the opportunity to visit London during last week and one of the places I had to visit was the new LEGO shop.

The place is not only a LEGO store. It’s becoming a point of interest in the square. The store was full of people taking pictures and seeing the awesome constructions.


One of the main points of interest is the tube built in LEGO were you can take a picture with 2 LEGO minifigures well known in England: Shakespeare and The Royal Guard.


You also have one of London’s best known landmarks, the Big Ben, and the well known phone booth.



Apart of that, a lot of LEGO spread between the 2 floors.



Of course I had to buy something. I chose the new LEGO Ideas set, The Yellow Submarine. A really magnificent set featuring 4 of the best well known singers in the world: The Beatles.


With the Beatles set I received the special Christmas gift, in my opinion one of the best of the last years, the Snow Globe.


Awesome experience. Can’t wait to get back there.