The Lego Batman Movie Sets

Lego has unveiled through its facebook page images of 3 new Lego Batman Movie Sets.

The Lego Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack 70900

Cost: $19.99
Pieces: 201
Minifigures: 3


The Lego Batman Movie Arkham Asylum 70???

Cost: $149.99
Pieces: 1628
Minifigures: 12


The Lego Batman Movie Batcave 70???

Cost: $99.99
Pieces: 1045
Minifigures: 4 (plus 2 pinguins and 3 batman suits)


What caught my attention? The Awesome Batman Suits. It would be really nice if LEGO launched a minifigure collection of the new Batman Movie, with some of the suits teased in the trailer.


The Lego Batman Teaser 2

When you are as super as me, you don’t get 1 trailer, you get 2 trailers! In 1 week!

There it is! The second teaser of the LEGO Batman movie!