LEGO Technic X-Wing

Browsing through Eurobricks just found an amazing build. The user drakmin from Finland is building an amazing X-Wing using technic parts.

It is still work in progress but, from what we can see by the pictures above, the end result will be fantastic.

Check out the thread on Eurobricks forum where drakmin shares the status of the build.

LEGO Airplane Machine

Arthur Sacek is one of the most brilliant LEGO designers out there. Now, at Arrow’s request, he created a Machine to make paper airplanes.

I think the movie speaks for itself. Marvellous what can be achieved with LEGO.

Battle of the Hornburg

The Battle of the Hornburg is the real name of the commonly known Battle of Helm’s Deep, one of the great battles in the original Lord of The Rings Trilogy. This battle happened in the second movie of the Trilogy, The Two Towers, and opposes about 2000 Rohirrim defenders and Elfs to about 10000 Orcs and Uruk-hai warriors.

In 2012 LEGO, under the Lord of the Rings IP, launched a set to represent this battle. It was a small set of 1368 pieces that brought 8 minifigures: Aragon, Gimli, Haldir, King Théoden and 4 Uruk-Hai.

Notice that i said it was small set. This because the recreation that the 2 AFOLs Rich-K & Big J. did of this battle is EPIC!

150.000 LEGO parts and 1700 minifigures were used to recreate one of the greatest battles in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The construction weights about 160 pounds (70kg) and mesures 9 by 5 feet (approximately 2.7 by 1.5 meters).

And this is the final result:

If found this flickr page that i assume it is from one of the creators and were you can find even more pictures.

This is probably one of the most Epic MOCs ever built and probably one of the most amazing MOC of Lord of the Rings out there. Do you agree?

LEGO Wacky Racers

Wacky Racers was a television show created by Hanna Barbera that bebuted in the 60’s. It had around 23 regular characters spread among 11 different (and wacky) cars. The characters were both human and animal characters.

Only 17 episodes were produced, very few for a series that filled the imagination of several generations. It’s almost certain that people from all ages have seen an episode of Wacky Racers at least once. Who does not remember Muttley with his funny laugh or Penelope Pitstop with her pink car?

An artist called Martin Redfern decided to bring this awesome TV series into the LEGO world creating a LEGO version of each car and character.

Dick Dastardly and Muttley in the Mean Machine #00

The Slag Brothers in the Boulder Mobile #1

The Gruesome Twosome in the Creepy Coupe #2

Professor Pat Pending in the Convert-a-Car #3

The Red Max in the Crimson Haybaler #4

Penelope Pitstop in the Compact Pussycat #5

Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly in the Army Surplus Special #6

The Ant Hill Mob in the Bulletproof Bomb #7

Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear in the Arkansas Chuggabug #8

Peter Perfect in the Turbo Terrific #9

Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth in the Buzzwagon #10

All the Cars

The only downside in these MOCs are the figures. I would prefer the usage of minifigures instead of figures made with LEGO parts. But overall i think the final result is very very acceptable.

The creator of these MOCs also submitted one of Wacky Racers cars, the 00, into LEGO Ideas. If you like the project and think this should be considered for an IDEAS set, show your support at the LEGO IDEAS page.

Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer

In the expanded universe that Disney destroyed, there was a class of ships far more greater than the Super Star Destroyer. In this expanded universe Palpatine was alive (it seems that he revived himself) and started a second version of the Empire, something called the Dark Empire.

In this Dark Empire his command ship was a ship far more greater than the Super Star Destroyed that we saw in episode VI. This ship was an Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer an it was built 6 years after the battle of Endor.

Because the LEGO AFOLs tend to create impossible THINGS, there was one known by the name of Outworlder (US) that created a 11000 piece monster.

Has we can see the difference between LEGO’s Super Star Destroyer and this version of the eclipse class SSD is noticeable.

We can see the scale compared with the minifigure of Luke Skywalker.

The creator even has a custom UCS sticker for it.

It is an enormous MOC that deserves to be shared with the community.

You can check all the images of this beast in Outworlder’s eurobricks post.

Sindragosa, The Queen of Frostbrood

In the game World of Warcraft (WoW) there is a skull wyrm called Sindragosa, The Queen of Frostbrood.

Sindragosa is a mighty frost wyrm who was raised by the Lich King himself at Sindragosa’s Fall in Icecrown. For the ones that don’t know, The Lich King is the main antagonish of the second WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

Now 2 LEGO creators, Yeom-E and Bangoo, have created a detailed model that actually flaps it’s wings. You can see the masterpiece in the video below.

Also if you are curious about the work of this 2 LEGO creators, you can check their blog at

Steam Punk Star Wars Figthers

In 2014 the site made a MOC context. In one of the rounds the theme was Starfighters and the flickr user markus19840420 just delivered a piece of art. A Steam Punk Millenium Falcon that is absolutely stunning.

For me that love star wars and steam punk themed MOCs, this is a really amazing piece of work.

Under the same theme, there is also a Tie Fighter that is also amazing:

Tie Fighter Steam Punk

Best LEGO F-14 Tomcat MOC

This is simply the best version of a F-14 Tomcat that i ever encountered in the internet. Is almost perfect!

LEGO F-14 TomCat

LEGO F-14 TomCat

LEGO F-14 TomCat Cockpit

This awesome MOC was made by flickr user cras_cramer. You can see his work and more images of this build in his Flickr page.

Mech Warrior

Today I bring you a awesome mech build by flickr user Lu Sim. He built this mech back in 2014 for the competition Philippine LUG in Philipines.




Really awesome job!

LEGO Warhammer 40000

Although this is rather old, I still find it awesome. The flickr user jerac has a series of MOCs and dioramas that really need to be shared with the world.

The first images are from a diorama of a battle between Orcs and Space Marines. The level of detail is fenomenal and in some cases we forget that we are actually looking at LEGO.

Lego Warhammer 40000 Diorama

Lego Warhammer 40000 Diorama

Taking a look in some detail to the Space Marines, they are really good. But the Predator Destructor tank is amazing. Look at the level of detail in it.

Lego Warhammer 40000 Space Marines

Lego Warhammer 40000 Predator Destructor tank

Finally, the piece of resistance, the Land Raider. It’s huge, detailed and it can be remotely controlled.

Lego Warhammer 40000 Land Raider

At the end of the day, the only thing I really wanted was that LEGO picked up the theme. Unfortunately I know that that will never be possible because it’s a very violent theme. The next best thing would be to have the instructions for those tanks. Really awesome job.

Don’t forget to visit jerac’s flickr page with all his work, including the awesome Warhammer 40000 MOCs.