Stay Puft Marshmallow Man arrived to the Den

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is one of the most known characters of the Ghostbusters. Is one of the main antagonists of the first movie (1984) because it’s the physical manifestation of the evil demon Gozer. In the movie Stay Puft Marshmallow Man its the mascot of the fictional Stay Puft Marshmallow Corporation.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is, along with the ghostbusters logo, the most recognisable symbol of the franchise.

In the LEGO world this character, that adopted the french version name Stay Puft Bibendum Chamallow, appear only in one fun pack of LEGO Dimensions. The fact that it comes as game item means that will raise the cost of the minifigure. After a quick search in bricklink I found that i could not get this minifigure in the US for less than $9.5. I got lucky because this minifigure only cost me $5, a bargain.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

The figure itself more simple could not be. It has white legs and white body with a small red neckerchief. The most detailed part is the sailor cap with a red ribbon and a blue hatband which all make part of the piece that makes the custom head.

At the end of the day, the minifigure is worth not for its detail, but for its rarity. Because it’s the only version in existence (and possibly the only one that LEGO will ever make) makes this minifigure a must have in any minifigure collection.

3 special passengers aboard the Juno Spacecraft

In 5 august 2011 a spacecraft named Juno left earth heading to the giant planet Jupiter. Its objective was to explore with more detail the biggest planet in our solar system. Go further and deeper than any spacecraft before allowing to discover more secrets about the planet and the formation of our solar system.

This spacecraft was news this week because it finally arrived its destanation, Jupiter, on the 4th of July.

However, in addition to its mission, this spacecraft has a special particularity: It carries aboard 3 minfigures made by LEGO itself.

Lego Juno Minifigures

The 3 minifigures represent 3 different subjets related to Jupiter. From the left until right we have Galileo Galilei, scientist responsible for discovering 4 of Jupiter’s Moons (Europa, Io, Callisto and Ganymede), Juno, the wife of the roman God Jupiter, and God Jupiter himself. Galileo holds a model of the planet and a telescope, Juno a magnifying glass that signifies her search for the truth, and finally the god Jupiter holds a lighting bolt.

Lego Juno Minifigures

The 3 minifigures were created using a single block of aluminum in order to withstand the high temperatures of the journey and won’t interfere with the spacecraft equipment.

These LEGO minifigures are part of a joint agreement between the LEGO and NASA that is aimed at engaging the public in science education. Nasa wants to encourage the public to use LEGO pieces to build the models of the future of space exploration and submit them to NASA as part of a competition. Awesome initiative LEGO and NASA!

The Disney Series has arrived to the Den – Part 5

This is my final post regarding the Disney minifigures released by LEGO. The missing minifigures are: Peter Pan, Hook, Ursula and Ariel.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

This is a human minifigure so we go back to the common LEGO head and hat. Has we can see in the picture above, the LEGO minifigure is faithful to its original, with all the details. In my opinion a good minifigure but it could be improved if the knife would have a color scheme similar to the original one.



I understand that the LEGO designer decided to take off the nose of all human minifigures, but, in this case, the minifigure became very strange. In terms of detail, the body is very similar to its original, although the sword could be improved with the upper part being grey and not gold. Special note for the hat that is fenomenal.



This is, for me, the best minifigure in the entire series. Very similar to the original, where the body gives the minifigure the right volume so it can appear fat. A special note for a hole near the tentacles where the trident can fit perfectly.



The little mermaid is the only princess in this series of minifigures and the last in the count. It possesses a little shell with a pink gemstone that complements the minifigure perfectly. The most interesting piece is the red hair: absolutely fenomenal. The body is the commonly used mermain body with a special color scheme for Ariel.

And this post completes my series of posts talking about the new and unexpected series of Disney minifigures. A series so special that had to have 18 minifigures instead of the typical 16. Even people that don’t collect minifigures, bought this collection because of its uniqueness. A series that has a lot of quality in its parts but misses a lot of accessories and details in some of the minifigures.

Now we will have to wait for a second series of Disney minifigures that has to happen given the success of this first.

The Disney Series has arrived to the Den – Part 4

A lot of time has passed since my last post about the Disney series. Today i’m going to talk about 4 more figures: Minnie, Mickey, Mr. Incredible e Syndrome.



Minnie is probably the most wanted figure in this collection (at least for girls). The body is obvious made of common LEGO parts, with a skirt similar to Alice that gives a pretty nice look to the minifigure. The head is custom and it’s very similar to the original character. It also has the common pink bow at the top of the head. Unfortunately this figure has no accessories which is a big fail.



Mickey is the most known character of the Disney Universe (and probably at the face of the earth). The minifigure is extremely simple, yet faithful in every aspects to the original character. The mould of head is exactly the same as Minnie changing only the eyelashes.

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible is one of the heroes of the movie The Incredibles. Like the other human minifigures of the Disney series, this figure has no custom head and all the parts are exclusive to it (head, air and body). It also has a small accessory with the frase “Doing our part” and a picture of the original Mr. Incredible suit.



Syndrome is the villain of the movie Incredibles Although is one of the most common figures that can be found in a box, it’s one of best. The body is a great copy of the one the original character uses, even capturing the small details in the arm. One of the most interesting item is the air which is very similar to Dragon Ball’s Goku and would look great in a MOC.

Only 4 minifigures left to review: Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Ursula and Ariel.

The LEGO minifigure of Will.I.Am

It looks like LEGO has entered the business of making minifigures of famous people. And on top of that, the minifigures are super exclusive, super limited and numbered.

The chosen famous was Will I Am, the singer best known for is group Black Eye Peas and more recently for his solo career (more here).


According to the site, the super exclusive minifigure was given away at a brunch organized by LA’s Best, an organization that supports children in problematic neighbourhoods.


This time the organization gave to the singer Will.I.Am the prize of “Children’s Champion Award” and gave their gests 400 minifigures.


If we look closer, we can see the numbers on the left of each minifigure.

I could not find any for sale, but i believe that, if they do come out in the parallel market, the price will be absurd.

The Disney Series has arrived to the Den – Part 3

Today I’m going to talk about the next 4 minifgures in the list: Alice, Cheshire Cat, Daisy and Donald.



Alice is one of the most dear characters in all Disney animation. It’s hard to believe that 60 years have passed since the movie has been released.

Alice comes with her common blue dress and white apron. It also has single piece that acts has a skirt. Don’t know if LEGO has used this piece in the past, but in this collection it uses it twice (it also uses this piece in the Minnie minifigure).

My only note goes to the shoes that seem strange in the minifigure. It’s not usual to see painted shoes. It comes with 2 accessories, a cake and the shrinking bootle, which makes it one of the most complete pieces in the collection.

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

Who does remember the crazy cat from the Alice movie? Like the other non-human minifigures, the cat has a custom head and thank God it does. If it was a common LEGO head, this would be one of the most terrible figures ever. With the custom head at least the minifigure is closer to its original.

Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck

Now we enter in the set of characters that define Disney’s animation. In this case we have Daisy Duck, the eternal girlfriend of Donald Duck. Has expected, the head its fully custom and, for this character, it could not be any other way. I has a little piece between the legs and the body that gives the minifigure a tail. In general is a very simple minifigure that could be much more with a little more detail and some accessories.


Donald Duck

Donald Duck is one of the most popular Disney characters and mandatory to be on this collection. It comes with the typical blue sailor costume and hat. Has Daisy, it has a custom head and a small tail. Although is a minifigure close to the original, it lacks detail and does not have any accessories.

By now I talked about half of the collection. 10 minifigures have been review, but there are still 8 to go. In my next post I will talk about Minnie, Mickey, Mr. Incredible and Syndrome.

The Disney Series has arrived to the Den – Part 1

After half world has bought the exclusive LEGO Disney minifigures collection, it finally arrived to the Den. There are 18 minifigures inspired in the most mitical characters of the Disney universe.

The collection, in general, is very good although there are some figures that could be a lot better. I don’t understand why some have a custom heads that makes them equal to the original and others have common LEGO heads that makes them… strange. If in some cases the head works, in others not really.



Stitch is the cute Alien the we can se in the animation movie Lilo & Stitch. It’s the first figure of the collection and one of the two that don’t have a pair. This means that we don’t have, in this collection, other minifigure from the movie Lilo & Stitch. The minifigure is really good, mainly because the head is very similar to its original. Has a good level of detail in the front and in the back, although i think the blue could be darker (more similar to the movie character). The head is made of rigid ABS plastic, which is good because LEGO, for these complex heads, sometimes uses rubber which makes the final product mediocre. In my opinion, one of the most accurate minifigures in all the collection.

Toy Story Alien

Toy Story Alien

The Alien is mitical figure in the Toy Story first movie. Who does remember the claw vending machine at Pizza Planet? Like Stitch, the head is made of ABS and the detail is enough to make it very similar to the original character. The figure is very similar with the one released in 2010 in the set 7598 Pizza Planet Truck Rescue. I would even risk to say that the head is the same. The body is more detailed and more close to the original.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz LightYear

Buzz is the second Toy Story minifigure. In the image we can see the diference between the figure released in 2010 and the one release in the exclusive minifigure series. The head released in 2010 is more accurate which makes the minifigure more close to the original character. Regarding the detail, the one release in the Disney Series has more detail and the quality of the printing is also superior. The armour is the same piece, but the color scheme changed a little.

In resume, although the minifigure release in this series has more detail, I prefer the one released in 2010 because is closer to the original.

And that’s it for today. In my next post I’ll review 3 more minifigures: Aladdin, The Genie and Maleficent.

Lego series 16 minifigures confirmed!

The rumours were true: we will have a Banana Suit Guy Minifigure!

Banana Suit Guy

There is a total of 16 new minifigures and some of them stand out:

  • 1 – Ice Queen
  • 2 – Arabian Knight
  • 9 -Scalawag Pirate
  • 11 – Rogue
  • 13 – Serenader
  • 15 – Banana Guy

Series 16 First Look

The rest seem pretty ordinary, at least at first sight:

  • 3 – Cyborg
  • 4 – Imp
  • 5 – Spooky Guy
  • 6 – Hiker
  • 7 – Wildlife Photographer
  • 8 – Female Kickboxer
  • 10 – Pinguin Guy
  • 12 – Dog Show Judge
  • 14 – Spy
  • 16 – babysitter

The major disappointment is animal figure, the Pinguim. After a minifigure as cool as the series 15 shark, this figure does not stand out at all.

Another strange detail is that LEGO seems to have some difficulty to choose the series color. We already had 2 series with yellow color (1st and 12th) and it seems that we will have a third. Speaking about lack of originality…

Details aside, it’s a new LEGO series and can’t wait to get my hands on the minifigures. Its launch is scheduled for this fall.

German football Team minifigures

Lego Minifigures Germany

I looks like the German football team is going to have an exclusive collection of minifigures. These minifigures will only be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and they will cost €2.99.

The minifigure lineup is:

  • Manuel Neuer 1
  • Shkodran Mustafi 2
  • Mesut Ozil 3
  • Benedikt Höwedes 4
  • Mats Hummels 5
  • Sami Khedira 6
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger 7
  • André Schürrle 9
  • Thomas Müller 13
  • Jérôme Boateng 17
  • Toni Kroos 18
  • Mario Götze 19
  • Christoph Kramer 20
  • Marco Reus 21
  • Max Kruse 23
  • Joachim Loew, coach

They will be available on the 14th of May. There are no plans to release exclusive collections for other football teams (which is sad…).

Here is the official press release (in german).

Lego Disney Minifigures Confirmed!

The rumours were real. Has announced in a previous post, there will be a collection of Disney minifigures. It should not be the 16th series, but instead a whole new series. Other news is that instead of 16 figures, we will have 18 to collect.

Lego Disney

The list is the one previous released in the lego den:

  • Malificent (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  • The Cat (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Syndrome (The Incredibles)
  • Dash (The Incredibles)
  • Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)
  • Toy Aliens (Toy Story)
  • Donald
  • Daisy
  • Mickey
  • Minie
  • Captain Hook
  • Peter Pan
  • Aladdin
  • Genei
  • Stitch(Lilo & Stitch)
  • Ursula (Little Mermaid)
  • Ariel (Little Mermaid)


The release date is also confirmed. The new series will be available on May and the value will be the same as the current series, $2.99.

The announce of this new series was made through the official Disney Parks Blog.

So May will be an awesome month! I can picture my daughter wanting to have a collection for her own!