LEGO Ninja Movie Minifigures – First 10 revealed

August will be the month that LEGO will release its brand new collection of minifigures. This time the theme of the collection is the new Ninjago Movie and will feature 20 minifigures (like in the LEGO Batman Movie).

Today LEGO revealed the first 10 minifigures and they are below:

Volcano Garmadon

Master Wu

Spinjitzu Training Nya

Lloyd Garmadon

Sushi Chef


Jay Walker

Shark Army Great White

Shark Army General #1

Gong & Guitar Rocker

Tomorrow LEGO will release the next 10 figures. Stay tuned.

The LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 17 is here!

The official images are here! There are 16 new minifigures to collect in a collection with a twist! There is a mystery minifigure! Here is the official List:

  • Sausage Man
  • Elf Girl
  • Butterflies Girl
  • Circus Strong Man
  • Veterinarian
  • Battle Dwarf
  • Dance Instructor
  • Gourmet Chef
  • Connoisseur
  • Corn Cob Man
  • Roman Gladiator
  • Rocket Boy
  • Professional Surfer
  • Retro Spaceman
  • Yuppie
  • Secret Character

There are some rumours about the mystery minifigure. Some say it is going to be a character of the next pirates of the Caribbean Movie. I think it’s going to be a pirate of some kind, nothing related.

I think we will figure it out in about a Month! The release date of this new collection will be on the 1st of May.

First picture of LEGO collectible minifigures

Brick Show has just released one of the most important pictures of the NY Toy Fair: a picture of the box the new series of minifigures.

The color will be blue (similar to Series 5) and it will have the typical 16 minifigures. But (and there is always a but) there is a mystery minifigure on the right. Does this means that, like in series 10, we will have a new Mr. Gold or it’s just marketing working and that is only the 16th minifigure?

There are awesome minifigures like the Rocket Kid, the Flash Gordon like Space Warrior, the Gladiador and finally the Corn Man.

Stay tuned for more news about the new series.

It’s schedule to be released in May 2017.

News about the next 2 minifigure collections of 2017

Just appeared in the Nuremberg toy fair the first images of the next 2 minifigure series.

On the left we have the expected series 17. It is going to be blue and will continue to have 16 minifigures. It is expected to hit stores in May 2017.

On the right we have a mystery collection. This collection should probably be the Ninjago Movie Minifigures Series. Like the Batman Movie Series, this collection will have 20 minifigures.

So it seems that LEGO has adopted the Standard 16/20: 16 for the common minifigures collection and 20 for the special movie collections.

Looking forward to see the first images of the next collection, the LEGO collectible minifigures series 17.

Mr. Gold has Arrived to the Den…

… but unfortunately is not the real one.

For the ones that don’t know, Mr. Gold is one of the rarest minifigures around. It was the 17th minifigure of the series 10 of collectible minifigures and there are only 5000 around. It costs something like $2000 (price of the only minifigure i saw on sale in bricklink. It’s a price that i’m not ready to give for a minifigure, not now and not ever.

The version that arrived to the Den is one of the cheapest around. I bought it online and only cost me $3. The quality is far from perfect. It has a lot of imperfections and marks of overspray. The face and suit are fair, being the best part of the minifigure.

LEGO Mr Gold

Of course is not LEGO and because of that it has some huge fails, like the smudge in the next figure.

LEGO Mr Gold

For the price I really can’t complain much, but i’ll probably buy a custom one made from LEGO parts. For now, I can at least have something that resembles the original Mr. Gold.

The Witch arrived to the Den

One of the biggest bets with LEGO Dimensions was to bring to the LEGO world themes that make part of the childhood of many adult fans. One of the good bets they made was to add a fun pack of the Wizard of Oz.

LEGO 71221 Fun Pack Wicked Witch

This fan pack brings the only minifigure of this universe to be released, the Wicked Witch, the main villain of the movie.

Wicked Witch

The minifigure, although is black, it’s full of detail both in the front and back part of the body. The legs also have good detail with a little bag drawn. The head and hands are green like the original character. The minifigure is completed with a witch hat (commonly used through the LEGO universe both in magicians and witches), a cape and the witch broom.

I was a little bit disappointed with this figure because I bought it with a defect (that can be seen in the right low part of the leg) that i didn’t saw in the photos when i bought it. It seems that the minifigure was subject to high temperatures and was marked. It cost me $5 that would be a good price, if the minifigure was perfect.

It’s a minifigure that crossed several generations and was obligatory in my collection. The only thing left to know is when LEGO will launch the other 4 main characters: Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow.

The 10 most rare LEGO minifigures

After some research, these are the TOP 10 rarest minifigures:

10. Chrome Stormtrooper – Only 10000 were made. This minifigure was given with a purchase of a certain amount of LEGO products.


9. Chrome Darth Vader – Only 10000 were made. Available randomly in 2009 sets.


8. Cloud City Boba Fett – This was the first minifigure with a full print (torso and legs). It was release with set 10123 – Cloud City.


7. White Boba Fett – 10000 units were made and given randomly in events.


6. 14kt C3PO – 10000 units were randomly placed in 2007 Star Wars sets.


5. Mr Gold – Only 5000 exist. Randomly placed in the Series 10 Collectable Minifigures packs.


4. Iron Man – Randomly given in 2012’s New York toy fair. Only 125 exist.
3. Captain America – Randomly given in 2012’s New York toy fair. Only 125 exist.


2. Sterling Silver Boba Fett – Only 2 units exist.
1. 14 kt Boba Fett – Only 2 units exist.


Notice the patterns? The first is that Star Wars minifigures clearly dominate the top 10 rank of the most rarest. The second is that Boba Fett is among the most rarest characters in the LEGO world with 4 minifigures in the Top 10.

Star Wars minifigure reference website

For those who possess LEGO Star Wars minifigures and need a good reference website, is the solution.


It contains all the information about all the Star Wars minifigures past and present. It has the name, code, sets or books where the minifigure was released and much more.


A great database of Star Wars minifigures that deserves to be shared and very useful for minifigure collectors. Highly recommended.

New LEGO minifigures for 2017

Lego Batman Minifigures

According to the site brickfanatics, 2017 will be the year when LEGO will unveil 2 new thematic series of minifigures besides the usual LEGO Collectable minifigures (series 17).

This time there will be an exclusive series of minifigures for the Ninjago Movie and another for the LEGO Batman Movie. The site also suggests that the LEGO Batman minifigure collection will have more minifigures than the Disney collection. This means that we can expect more than 18 minifigures! This is great news because there were a lot of great Batman suits in the last movie trailer.

For LEGO minifigure collectors like me this are great news because we will get the chance to collect thematic minifigures without buying LEGO sets.


A real minifigure

What if the LEGO minifigure was real? Frank Ippolito, a special makeup effects artist that worked in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Chronicles of Riddick, created a real LEGO minifigure, basically a cosplay suit. The result was presented in San Diego Comic Con and it was creepy.

There are also 2 movies that show the making of. Really cool!