The History of the LEGO Big Figures

A Big Figure is basically a big sized LEGO minifigure, normally with no points of movement and no customisation. This means that we cannot swap heads, torso or legs.

The first Big figure was released with the set Lego 4950: The Loader-Dozer in 1999 from the ROCK RAIDERS theme. The first Big figure was a Rock Monster, a figure that only moved the right arm.

Lego-4950- The Loader-Dozer

We then had to wait 8 years until the next big figure was release in 2007. The big figure was a Giant Troll from the set Lego 7036: Dwarves’ Mine.


Several variations of this Troll were made, 5 to be exact, all between 2007 and 2009.

In 2009, in a upgrade to the ROCK RAIDERS theme, the Power Miners, 3 new big figures were made. They were called Geolix, Tremorox and Eruptor. These big figures were different from the previous because they had a translucid body.


Next in line were several big figures from IPs that Lego acquired over the years like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, TMNT, Moana, Harry Potter and Lord of the rings. In the list are big figures like Wampa (Star Wars), Cave Troll (LOTR), Goblin King (LOTR), Rancor (Star Wars), Green Goblin (Marvel), Darkseid (DC), Gorilla Grodd (DC), Thanos (Marvel), Killer Croc (DC), Hulk (Marvel), Red Hulk (Marvel), Dogpound (TMNT), Leatherhead (TMNT), Troll (Harry Potter) and Maui (Moana).


From all of the previous, most of them shared the same body although there were some exceptions like Dogpound (TMNT) and Harry Potter’s Troll that had a minifigure head and a full one piece custom body with something that is not common in a LEGO figure: clothes.


From the LEGO brands there were only 2 more Big Figures: Dogshank (Ninjago) and Mungus (Chima).


In resume, almost all the latest big figures that LEGO released share the same base (excluding a couple of exceptions): fixed torso with custom fixed head, removable arms and fixed legs in the same position walking position.

It’s and interesting type of figure, but the lack of customisation and movement makes it an uninteresting piece of LEGO. I would prefer a big size version of a minifigure where we could change the head, torso and legs and interchange parts. But, for most of these figures, it’s the only representation of them in the LEGO world, so they basically a need to have.

Thanos has arrived to the Den

Thanos is THE villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the one that pulls all the strings and will have his debut in the third Avengers movie.

Thanos is a mutant born in Saturn’s Moon titan and is the son of the Ethernals Mentor and Sui-San. Although he was a pacifist in his younger years, he becomes evil after knowing Mistress Death. In order to impress her, he kills millions of his own race. In the MCU, the Infinity Saga, Thanos tries to gather all the Infinity stones to create the Infinity Gauntlet so he can be omnipotent.

In the LEGO world, this figure appears in 2 different sets. One is a small minifigure of the Migthy Micros series, in set 76072-1: Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. Thanos and a bigger one in the set 76049: Avenjet Space Mission along with Captain Marvel, Hyperion, Space Captain America and Space Iron man.

The minifigure that arrived to the Den is the latest in the list above. Well, to be fair this is not a “mini”figure. This is in fact a big figure.


It’s a huge figure that represents one of the biggest villains in the Marvel universe. Maybe because of that LEGO has represented it in this big form.

The minifigure is really basic. It uses the mould of most of the big figures were the only moveable parts are the arms. In terms of detail, the figure is really basic. It has Thanos color scheme with same details in the front part of torso but none in the back.

At the end of the day, the only reason I can figure to have this minifigure is the fact that it is the only (serious) representation of Thanos in the LEGO world. I would prefer a small minifigure with a lot of detail. Something like the mighty micros version without the smiley face and short legs.

The Wolverine has arrived to the Den

The ones that known me know that my favorite MARVEL character is Wolverine. The temperamental Canadian of the Marvel universe first appeared in the comic book The Incredible Hulk #180 has a cameo being official presented in the next one, The Incredible Hulk #181.

The Incredible Hulk Vol 180 181

The powers of Wolverine include animal-keen senses, Adamantium skeleton, the power of regeneration and his trademark: Adamantium claws.

In the LEGO world there are 2 versions of Wolverine (i’m discarting the one release in with the Mighty Micros). This one makes part of the set 76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel from 2014.

LEGO Wolverine

This minifigure is a representation of the 1980’s wolverine’s yellow and brown suit presented for the first time in Uncanny X-Men #139. The minifigure, although has a nice detail in the upper part of its body, it lacks a lot of detail in the legs. The claws are not the original ones, something i have to take care soon. It cost me around $4.5 which i think it was a fair price. The minimum price I found at brick link was $9 so i think i made a good business.

At the end of the day, this minifigure is Wolverine, one of the most well known characters in the MARVEL universe. Know i just have to find the other version, the one release in set 6866 Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown.

In my 34th Birthday…

.. My wife presented me with one of the greatest UCS on sale at LEGO: The TIE Fighter.


With that came a series of small gifts. The strange part was that the only that should have come was the Ninjago one. The other 2 were a surprise and perhaps due the frequent bugs in the new LEGO Shop website. The following paper was inside:


At the end of the day, my win with a brand new UCS, 2 new polybags and my first NEXUS Knights minifigure. Not a bad way to end my birthday. Now the only thing that is missing is the space to put the TIE Fighter. That is going to be a challenge.

Hobgoblin has arrived to the Den

Hobgoblin is a character of the Spider-Man universe that was created in 1983 by the writer Roger Stern and the artist John Romita, Jr. The character was created because the writer Toger Stern found himself under pressure to have Spider-Man fight the Green Goblin, but because he didn’t want to ressurect Norman Osborn or Bart Hamilton (the previous Green Goblins). With this Hobgoblin was born, a character that originally ha a secret identity. That was maintained during several volumes until it was unveiled has being Roderick Kingsley, a milionairy obsessed by Normal Osborn.

The Amazing Spider-Man #238

In the LEGO world Hobgoblin only has a version that is faithful to the comics. The set where it was release is 76058 Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-Up, a set that brought Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.


The minifigure is really good. The expression in the face is excelent and capturing very weel the spirit of the character. The cape is probably the best piece of the minifigure being all shredded. The body has a fair amount of detail both in the front and back part that, although is simple, is enough to be faithful to its original.

In general the minifigure is very well conceived and is an excelent represention (the only) of the comic character and an excellent villain to have in a MARVEL collection.

The 10 most rare LEGO minifigures

After some research, these are the TOP 10 rarest minifigures:

10. Chrome Stormtrooper – Only 10000 were made. This minifigure was given with a purchase of a certain amount of LEGO products.


9. Chrome Darth Vader – Only 10000 were made. Available randomly in 2009 sets.


8. Cloud City Boba Fett – This was the first minifigure with a full print (torso and legs). It was release with set 10123 – Cloud City.


7. White Boba Fett – 10000 units were made and given randomly in events.


6. 14kt C3PO – 10000 units were randomly placed in 2007 Star Wars sets.


5. Mr Gold – Only 5000 exist. Randomly placed in the Series 10 Collectable Minifigures packs.


4. Iron Man – Randomly given in 2012’s New York toy fair. Only 125 exist.
3. Captain America – Randomly given in 2012’s New York toy fair. Only 125 exist.


2. Sterling Silver Boba Fett – Only 2 units exist.
1. 14 kt Boba Fett – Only 2 units exist.


Notice the patterns? The first is that Star Wars minifigures clearly dominate the top 10 rank of the most rarest. The second is that Boba Fett is among the most rarest characters in the LEGO world with 4 minifigures in the Top 10.

The Falcon has landed in the Den

Sam Wilson was the first Afro-American of the MARVEL universe. He’s most known by his hero name, Falcon, and was created by Stan Lee and the artist gene Colan in 1969 having his debut in the comic book Captain America #117.

His original powers included telepathy with some birds and the ability to fly using a suit. The MCU’s (MARVEL Cinematic Universe) Falcon appears as a soldier that only has a suit which gives him the ability to fly.


In the LEGO world, Falcon has 2 versions. A more classic one, not like the original one of 1969, but more aligned with the one from the comics with his red and white suit. The other version comes directly from the MCU’s movie Captain America: Civil War in the set 76050 Crossbones’ Hazard Heist.


The minifigure has static wings, very similar to other MARVEL minifigures (like the Vulture or the classic version of Falcon) but more high-tech. They are rather large and rigid not contributing to a good storage of the minifigure, specially in a frame. The body has good detail but, one more time, the legs are left asside and are very poor with zero detail.

This fact affects the price of the minifigure which can be found in bricklink for about $5, the same price i gave for it. Details asside, Falcon is a member of the Avengers and has to make part of any good LEGO MARVEL minifigure collection.

Black Widow has arrived to the Den

Natasha Romanova or Black Widow is a hero of the Marvel universe but it was not always like that. When the character appeared for the first time, in the comic Tales of Suspense #52, the Black Widow was a Russian spy and the antagonist of the hero Iron Man. Later she deserts and becomes a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and after that a member of the Avengers.

In the LEGO world, this minifigure appears in 2 versions always related to the Avengers movie. The version that arrived to the Den appears in 3 different sets related to the second Avengers Movie, Age of Ultron, 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier, 76050 Crossbone’s Hazard Heist and 76032 The Avengers Quinjet City Chase.

Black Widow

The minifigure has a lot of detail, both the the torso and in the legs. In the torso both the front and back parts are full of detail which makes it very close to the original character. The hair is not exclusive to this minifigure and it was used in several sets of other themes. However, a good choise for this minifigure.

This minifigures can easily be found in bricklink for $4. In my case it cost me a little more, around $6, which is still acceptable because of the detail of the minifigure.

MODOK arrived to the Den

MODOK or M.O.D.O.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) is a villain of the Marvel universe that first appeared in the comic Tales of Suspense #93. Initially it was a recurring super-villain of the hero Captain America.

MODOK’s real name was George Tarleton, a technician of an organization called Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). In order to find a way to understand an object called Cosmic Cube, a cube with great power and energy, this organization technicians conducted a series of experiences using a mutagenic. Tarleton mutated and became MODOK. This creature was supposed to help AIM to understand the cube, but it became ambitious and killed those who created him and took control of the AIM organization.

The following vido explains everything with great detail.

In the world of LEGO, MODOK only appears in one set of 2014, 76018: Avengers: Hulk Lab Smash with figures like Hulk, Thor, Falcon and the villain Taskmaster.


The figure has the common body of a LEGO minifigure. The big distinctive part is the Head, a huge piece totally custom. If the head has good detail and is represents well the minifigure, the body is disappointing. Beside its different color scheme, it has no detail which reflets the worth of the minifigure, about $5. It worths for being the unique version of the minifigure in the LEGO universe.

The Vulture has arrived to the Den

Adrian Toomes was an electronics engineer who once had a company with a man called Gregory Bestman. Bestman took care of the finances while Toomes too care of the invetions. One day, after Toomes invented a device that allowed him to fly, he discovers that Bestman has stolen his part of the company. Alone and without work, Toomes dedicated his time to perfect his invention and became The Vulture, a super villain capable of flying and with super human strength. He appeared for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man #2 on May 1963. The following video resumes his story in about 2 minutes.

In the LEGO world, this character arrives with the set 76059: Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap where he appears as a secondary minifigure. According to my research, this is the only version of the Vulture ever made.

The Vulture

The minifigure is very basic, using a common set of green legs without any detail, a body with a little detail that makes the character similar to the original character and a set of wings commonly use by LEGO specially in super hero minifigures (the Falcon of the Avengers). The head has a lot of detail, special in the back with little spots.

Although this is not a minifigure with a lot of detail, The Vulture is one of the Sinister 6 and for that a must have in any Super Hero collection.