LEGO Voltron: will it really happen?


The probability is good because is one of the few LEGO Ideas sets that is gathering supporters faster.

I’m talking about a project submitted by the user len_d69 and, in less than 3 weeks, it gathered the 10000 votes necessary to be considered by LEGO. Yes, the project was submitted April 11 and already reached the objective.


The set seems to be very well built. Mainly by the fact that there are 5 independent Lions that join themselves to form Voltron. This single fact captured my attention and, in my opinion, transformed this set into a winner. The complexity to achieve this is huge because there are 5 independent and articulated figures that, moving just some pieces, the join together and form a giant robot that stands 16 inches tall and weights about 2 pounds.


Obviously after it reaches the 10000 necessary votes, LEGO will have to acquire the right to sell this article. Anyway, it’s on the right track to become a reality.

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