The History of the LEGO Big Figures

A Big Figure is basically a big sized LEGO minifigure, normally with no points of movement and no customisation. This means that we cannot swap heads, torso or legs.

The first Big figure was released with the set Lego 4950: The Loader-Dozer in 1999 from the ROCK RAIDERS theme. The first Big figure was a Rock Monster, a figure that only moved the right arm.

Lego-4950- The Loader-Dozer

We then had to wait 8 years until the next big figure was release in 2007. The big figure was a Giant Troll from the set Lego 7036: Dwarves’ Mine.


Several variations of this Troll were made, 5 to be exact, all between 2007 and 2009.

In 2009, in a upgrade to the ROCK RAIDERS theme, the Power Miners, 3 new big figures were made. They were called Geolix, Tremorox and Eruptor. These big figures were different from the previous because they had a translucid body.


Next in line were several big figures from IPs that Lego acquired over the years like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, TMNT, Moana, Harry Potter and Lord of the rings. In the list are big figures like Wampa (Star Wars), Cave Troll (LOTR), Goblin King (LOTR), Rancor (Star Wars), Green Goblin (Marvel), Darkseid (DC), Gorilla Grodd (DC), Thanos (Marvel), Killer Croc (DC), Hulk (Marvel), Red Hulk (Marvel), Dogpound (TMNT), Leatherhead (TMNT), Troll (Harry Potter) and Maui (Moana).


From all of the previous, most of them shared the same body although there were some exceptions like Dogpound (TMNT) and Harry Potter’s Troll that had a minifigure head and a full one piece custom body with something that is not common in a LEGO figure: clothes.


From the LEGO brands there were only 2 more Big Figures: Dogshank (Ninjago) and Mungus (Chima).


In resume, almost all the latest big figures that LEGO released share the same base (excluding a couple of exceptions): fixed torso with custom fixed head, removable arms and fixed legs in the same position walking position.

It’s and interesting type of figure, but the lack of customisation and movement makes it an uninteresting piece of LEGO. I would prefer a big size version of a minifigure where we could change the head, torso and legs and interchange parts. But, for most of these figures, it’s the only representation of them in the LEGO world, so they basically a need to have.

The LEGO Batman Minifigures are here!


And they are Awesome! Prepare for one of the strangest and coolest minifigures collection of all time featuring 20 (yes you read well 20!!!!) exclusive LEGO Batman The Movie minifigures.

Lego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie Series1Lego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie SeriesLego Minifigures The LEGO Batman Movie Series

Looking at all the 20 minifigures, the best is the Batman Wolverine. Hilarious!

They are expected to arrive in January. I’m just thinking how the hell will I put 20 Minifigures in a IKEA RIBBA Frame

The Lego Batman Movie Sets

Lego has unveiled through its facebook page images of 3 new Lego Batman Movie Sets.

The Lego Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack 70900

Cost: $19.99
Pieces: 201
Minifigures: 3


The Lego Batman Movie Arkham Asylum 70???

Cost: $149.99
Pieces: 1628
Minifigures: 12


The Lego Batman Movie Batcave 70???

Cost: $99.99
Pieces: 1045
Minifigures: 4 (plus 2 pinguins and 3 batman suits)


What caught my attention? The Awesome Batman Suits. It would be really nice if LEGO launched a minifigure collection of the new Batman Movie, with some of the suits teased in the trailer.


New LEGO minifigures for 2017

Lego Batman Minifigures

According to the site brickfanatics, 2017 will be the year when LEGO will unveil 2 new thematic series of minifigures besides the usual LEGO Collectable minifigures (series 17).

This time there will be an exclusive series of minifigures for the Ninjago Movie and another for the LEGO Batman Movie. The site also suggests that the LEGO Batman minifigure collection will have more minifigures than the Disney collection. This means that we can expect more than 18 minifigures! This is great news because there were a lot of great Batman suits in the last movie trailer.

For LEGO minifigure collectors like me this are great news because we will get the chance to collect thematic minifigures without buying LEGO sets.


Aquaman arrived to the Den

Aquaman, the king of Atlantis, was created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger and had his debut in 1941 on More Fun Comics #73. His powers include swin at tremendous speeds, telephaty with all marine creatures and he is able to withstand ocean depths. Outside the water, Aquaman possesses super-human strength, enhanced senses and nearly impenetrable skin.

Fun Comics 73

In the LEGO world, Aquaman only has a version of its minifigure. It was initially launched in 2013 with the set 76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr Freeze : Aquaman on Ice and then in 2015 in the set 76027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike.

It was reedited in 2016 in a LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack, where it came with a little vehicle.

71237 Fun Pack Aquaman


The minifigure represents the original version of Aquaman with the orange body, the yellow belt and green pants. Although the body has a good amount of detail, the pants are rather simple and plain with no detail. The head is exclusive to this minifigure but the hair, although it was made for this minifigure, was already used in the promotional set 40166 LEGOLAND Train de 2016.

Despite the lack of detail, this is the only version of the Aquaman and essencial to any DC/Justice League collection.

The Flash arrived to the Den

The Flash is a DC Comics hero created by Gardner Fox and the artist Harry Lampert. The original Flash appeared for the first time in Flash Comics #1, a comic book from 1940. Although it had the name Flash Comics, it was not exclusively dedicated to this character. His powers included moving extremely fast and sometimes violate the lwas of physics, having the power to travel through time

Flash Comics #1

The version that arrived to the Den represents the character of Barry Allen, the second Flash. He is best known in our days because of CW’s television series and his participation in the next movie of the Justice League. In the Lego world, this minifigure appears in 2 sets, 76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase from 2014 and 76026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas from 2015.

The Flash

The figure is extremely simple and with very few details. It has the expected detail in the body but the legs are simple red pieces. The helmet is custom made for the minifigures and completed with the small details of the head.

Because it’s an extremely important minifigure in the DC universe, in can easily reach more than $10. Exploring bricklink the most cheap minifigure costs around $8 that can easily reach $10 with postage. In my case this minifigure cost me around $6.

My conclusion is that i made a very good business for a figure so important in the DC universe. With this minifigure I can almost build a frame with all the Justice League minifigures.

Wonder Woman arrived to the Den

Wonder Woman, also known as Diana of Themyscira, is a DC comics character, a semi Goddess, an amazon princess and one of the original members of the Justice League. Her first appearance was in December 1941 in a comic called All Star Comics issue 8.

In the original version, Wonder Woman was sculpted from a clay figure by her mother, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons. But in recent years, she was considered the daughter of Zeus and was raised by Queen Hippolyta, General Antiope and Menalippe.

Among her powers are flight and super strength and has some cool Gadjets like the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara (which served as a projectile in older stories) and the mitical invisible, plane which is not very used in our days.

To the LEGO Den arrived the most classical LEGO version of the Wonder Woman. This version is part of the set 6862 Superman vs Power Armor Lex and was reedited in 2015 with the LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack 71209 Wonder Woman which also brings her invisible plane. The minifigure I received missed the Lasso of Truth, something i have to arranje on the side to complete it.

Wonder Woman

The figure could use some more detail and possesses a unique piece in the head were her Tiara is. Other recent version are a lot better, like the one in the 76046 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle, a set from the Batman v Superman movie which has a lot of detail. Notice the bracelet on her arms. Really really good.

Last Version of Wonder Woaman

Although the minifigure could be a lot better, is an excellent addition to my collection of classical DC minifigures. With this minifigure I’ve almost completed all the classic Justice League minifigures.

New LEGO catalog for the 2nd half of 2016

Lego Catalog for the 2nd half of 2016

Recently LEGO released the new catalog for the 2nd half of 2016. Many new sets and many old sets that will continue in this year lineup.

Some special references for the Marvel sets 76057 Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle and 76059 Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap that bring new minifigures directly from the Spider Man universe like Scorpion, Kraven, Spider Girl, Scarlet Spider, Dr Ock, Vulture, Green Goblin and White Tiger.

76057 Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle

76059 Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Tentacle Trap

regarding the DC universe, 2 special references for 76055 Batman™: Killer Croc™ Sewer Smash and 76054 Batman™: Scarecrow™ Harvest of Fear where LEGO brings us some new minifigures like Scarecrow, Killer Moth, Blue Beetle, an XXL version of Killer Croc, Katana, Red Hood, Captain Boomerang and two new versions of Batman. Want them all!

76055 Batman™: Killer Croc™ Sewer Smash

76054 Batman™: Scarecrow™ Harvest of Fear

In the Star Wars section, some new sets like the mega 75151 Clone Turbo Tank and 75148 Encounter on Jakku™ which brings us Unkar Plutt character. Regarding Rogue One, this catalog only teases the sets and sets a release date for them: September 2016.

New Rogue One Lego Sets

ANd, without further delay, here is the catalog. All the sets in the catalog are already available at the LEGO online shop.

LEGO offers for May

Lego has revealed the calendar of offers for May. Two of them are really nice:


From 30 April to the 4th of May LEGO store celebrates (as usual) the Star Wars Day and offers an exclusive polybag. I confess that the polybag could be a lot better. I think the last good polybag offered in the May the 4th was Darth Revan in 2014. Anyway, to get this polybag you have to spend at least $50.


In the end of May, LEGO will offer a polybag of Captain America. The Motorcycle is dispensable, but the minifigure is really nice. For this polybag you will have to spend at least $35.

Other offers include the new Attack on Hoth set and the new LEGO catalog that will be revealed at the end of the month.