Lego Boost

Engadget just unveiled a new LEGO sub brand called Boost. Boost is a cousin of the well known LEGO Mindstorms, but is aimed for a more younger audience, children 7 to 12.


The first product in this brand is called creative toolbox. This toolbox will come the core unit called Move Hub and around 840 parts to start creating.


The Move Hub contains six-axis tilt sensor, 2 input and output ports, a power button and a light that changes color. This is the base and, of course, all the LEGO parts fit this module.

With this starter kit there are also the instructions to create 5 different Boost Models:

  • Vernie the Robot
  • Frankie the Cat
  • The Guitar 4000
  • The Multi-Tool Rover 4, a vehicle
  • Autobuilder, a creation that builds small LEGO creations


This all works with 6 AAA batteries and an App essential for programming the Move Hub.


You can find more information about this new awesome LEGO product in its official page:

The price of the set will be $160 and will be available August 2017.