IKEA RIBBA Frame for Batman Collectible Minifigure Series

Following the last post where I showed how to build a RIIBA frame for the Disney Minifigures, this time I decided to create a small video describing all the process.

You can find the background used in the above video here.

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LEGO is the most Powerful

According to the Telegraph, LEGO is the most powerful brand in the world.

One of the main reasons its the upcoming The LEGO Batman Movie that helped LEGO reach that position.

And speaking of the LEGO Batman Movie, warner has release an exclusive tour through Wayne Manor cribs style.

Lego Batman The Movie Ribba Frame Background

Just made available the background i’ve used for my Batman collectible minifigures.


You can always find it at the link below (accessible from the left menu as all the other Ribba backgrounds).


As always, enjoy!

Batman Movie Disco Batman Polybag

Just a some days ago we were talking about the new LEGO Batman Movie suits and now we finally have the release date of one of the mystery polybags.


According to Promobricks, The Batman Movie Disco polybag will be available from 6 to 26 February of 2017 with any purchase of 55€ or more in the LEGO Shop.


LEGO Batman Movie known Batsuits

Since the first trailer was revealed, we all knew that LEGO and DC decided to explore the Batsuit in ways that didn’t seem possible. Scu-bat, El Murciablo, The Patriot, Bat-Hurst 1000, Silent and Deadly, St. Batricks, Bat by Gaslight and MerBat are just some of the names of the Batsuits that were revealed during the LEGO Batman Movie trailer.


Of course, for a LEGO minifigure fan like me, this is actually a problem. The possibilities seem almost infinite but my wallet isn’t.

Officially several Batsuits have been annouce:

LEGO collectible minifigures

  • Lobster-Lovin’ Batman
  • Vacation Batman
  • Clan of the Cave Batman
  • Glam Metal Batman
  • Fairy Batman



Only the set 70909 Bat Break-in has new Batsuits (until the moment)

  • The Bat-Pack Bat
  • Scu-Bat
  • Ragin Bat



The polybag with the code 30607 Features Disco Batman and Tears of Batman suit.

This polybag was revealed in the facebook page of Digibeemacau about 4 days ago.


Next we have the Batman Battle Pod, a very rare set only known to be distributed in Malaysia. Hope that there is a LEGO shop promotion with with, because it’s amazing!

Lego Dimensions Fun Pack

In this category only one new batsuit was revealed, the Excalibur Batman. The Knight treatment for the cap crusader.


LEGO Batman Movie Books

The Batman tartan suit will be available in a Activity book (thanks Patrick Joller and Alister Gourley for this update)


Key Chains

The Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman is a promotial polybag with a keychain that is only available, for now, at brickshop.nl. Hope it is available soon in other places.

The rest of sets and polybags only bring the common black Batsuit with some variations here and there. But we can all expect several more releases of awesome new Batsuits.

What do you think of all these Batsuits? Do you want more? Do you any Batsuit that LEGO plans to release that is not in the list? Please comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading!



The Lego Batman Collectible minifigures Prices


The official lego shop has just added the batman collectible minifigures to its catalog with a release date of 1 January.

The prices have raise (maybe because of the rights LEGO has to pay DC or maybe just because), but the fact is the this collection will cost more. Here are the prices currently in the LEGO shop:

  • United Kingdom – £2.99
  • Australia – AUD $5.99
  • Norway – 39,90 kr
  • Finland – 3,95€
  • Singapore – SGD$7.90
  • Portugal – 3.99€


At the time we wrote this post, many country didn’t had the minifigures in the catalog (like the United States, Spain or Germany). For the European countries is expected to be around the 3.99€ price (the same as Portugal). For the United States it would be expected to increase to the $4.99 price tag.

So open your wallets chaps, because this collection not only will have 20 minifigures, but will you cost a lot more:

  • United Kingdom – £59.80
  • Australia – AUD $119.80
  • Norway – 798 kr
  • Finland – 79€
  • Singapore – SGD $158
  • Portugal – 79.80€