How to build RIBBA Frame for Disney Minifigures

My favorite way of displaying my minifigures is using an IKEA RIBBA frame. It’s cheap, keeps the minifigures away from dust, you can add a cool background to it and is an awesome way do show them off. It’s such a good way that LEGO released a similar way to display them, but without the protective glass.

(click on the link to check the item on the LEGO shop)

In my opinion the official LEGO option has 2 major drawbacks compared to the RIBBA approach: It does not allow to add a background and does protected the minifigures from dust.

With this, lets start to build the RIBBA frame. In this example i’m using the Disney collectible minifigures with a background I made and that you can get for free here.

Step 1: The Background

Just print your favorite background and glue it to the back of the RIBBA frame.

Step 2: The Placeholder

With some old LEGO parts make a placeholder where you will insert the Black Slope Inverted 45º 2 x 2 (part 3660). It’s crucial that in the lower part of the inserts you put an old flat tile 1X2 so that you can easily remove the placeholder.

For this collection I adapted the placeholder to have a total of 18 inserts (6 on each row). The maximum number of inserts a RIBBA can take is 21 (7 on each row).

Step 3: Inserting the Pieces

Start gluing the Black Slope Inverted through the inserts. Glue the back part of the Slope and inserted it in a free space. Remember that you need to put the slope as near the flat tile as possible.

I used hot glue for this. For my experience, hot glue makes the slopes more stable then other types of glue. But be careful: you will not have a second try because the glue dries in seconds.


Step 4: Closer look to the piece insertion on the placeholder

With some more detail.

Step 5: The completed background

After you glue all the slopes, wait 5 minutes and remove the placeholder.

Step 6: The completed background with all the Minifigures

Just insert all the minifigures in the slopes and the most difficult part is done.

For some minifigures like the Little Mermaid I usually use adhesive Blu tack or UHU Patafix because other way they will not fit.

Step 7: Inserting the background into the frame

After all the minifigures are in place, just insert the background into the Frame, closet and job completed!

Hope you liked it. I’ll soon make a video with the Batman collectible minifigures that will show all the steps of the process in detail. Stay tunned.

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