The Knights are back

Or at least a LEGO Ideas user wants them to be…

I really liked the LEGO knights brand. It was a very nostalgic collection with a grew up with with a lot of fans and a vast world. Unfortunately LEGO replaced it with the NEXUS Knights brand, were we can see futuristic knights on steroids.

According to the LEGO 2016 report, the NEXUS brand is doing well but I sincerely miss a medieval theme. I want bows, arrows and swords, not Knights with laser guns controlling super robots… It seems that LEGO is evolving all the brands giving them a futuristic aspect (we already have super mech ninjas and powers swords and mega lasers) losing the themes that made success in the past like Pirates and Knights and with which most of the AFOLs grew up with… The piece of resistance would be a 23rd century Pirates theme… I probably kill someone…

Enough said, lets concentrate in the Ideas project, that, at least, tries to resurrect some awesome ideas.

This time I bring you the Kingdoms Modular Castle Creator, an interesting idea brought by the LEGO Ideas user mkalkwarf. With some modular sets, construct the Castle of your dreams.

This is actually a very nice business Idea. I’m seeing LEGO selling different sets each one will build different parts of the cast. An the final results are incredible.

The user created a promotion videos that explains the ideas and shows the potential of the idea.

At the time of this post the Ideas project has about 1800 supporters. If you are a Castle fan like I am, just access the LEGO Ideas page of the project and click the Support button. This is an idea that might bring the Castle theme back to the shelfs.

You can also check the Youtube Channel where there are several videos explaining the project and the possible combinations.

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