Star Wars Celebration Orlando LEGO exclusive set

One of the things that LEGO is used to do is give special collectible items at geek events. Comic Con is the most common example. Several of the most expensive minifigures out there were given at a Comic Con.

This time LEGO has created an exclusive set that will be available at the Star Wars Celebration at Orlando next week. The set is called Detention Block Rescue and is a representation of the famous scene of episode IV featuring Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Only Chewie is missing. It even has an exclusive number: CELEB2017-1 which means that can probably be others during this year.

But this time LEGO made something different. This time will not give the set. The set will be available at the LEGO store on site and you’ll have to enter a raffle to have the opportunity to acquire it. The cost will be $40.

So if you are lucky enough to be present at Star Wars Celebration next week be sure to enter this raffle to have the change to adquire this exclusive set. Unfortunatly for me, i’ll be to far away to participate so I’ll probably will not have access to this exclusive. I bet that a day after the Celebration event the set will be on sale at ebay for 10 times its price… We, this is how LEGO works this days…

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