Saturn V sneak peak

Saturn V is the rocket responsible for the most important space mission ever taken by men: the moon landing.

On 16 July 1969 the Saturn V rocket SA-506 took the Apollo 11 mission to the earth’s moon making history.

Through a LEGO Ideas project, LEGO will release a set honouring this space mission. And what a set it will be. If it is similar to the original ideas project, the rocket will have about 1 meter high (aprox. 1:110 scale) and about 1200 bricks. Features include:

  • removable 1st rocket-stage with the main rocket engine
  • removable 2nd rocket-stage with rocket engine
  • removable 3rd rocket-stage with the Apollo spacecraft
  • Apollo spacecraft with the “Eagle” Lunar Lander and the Lunar Orbiter
  • the rescue rocket on top of the whole spacecraft
  • two minifigure astronauts on the Moon for displaying

The set is schedule to be release in June and LEGO just started to promote it:

Looks really cool right? Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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