LEGO Ideas Vintage Tram

The LEGO Ideas user kevinszeto is well known in the LEGO community because he is one of the few that has a published set. The set is the well known The Beatles Yellow Submarine published in the end of 2016.

Now he has one more set under evaluation. It is the beautiful Vintage Tram. This Vintage Tram is actually a replica of a well known tram still in use in Portugal’s second largest city, Oporto.

This set is a great way to preserve the cultural heritage and more projects like this should be available on LEGO Ideas. My only fear is that, because is a piece of heritage from a specific country, LEGO doesn’t consider it to be one of the chosen. Because the set has to sell, the chosen sets are always about themes that are appreciated worldwide. This would be wonderful for people in Portugal or people that love Trams, but probably not so interesting for the rest of the LEGO fans out there. Sincerely I hope I’m wrong.

The same user also made 2 more vintage trams: one from San Francisco and one from Istambul

Fingers crossed and go luck kevinszeto.

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