What was your first LEGO set?

Back in 1987, a little 4 years old received his first LEGO. Because he was a Sci-Fi fan, their parents gave him a LEGO Classic Space set, the 6872 Xenon X-Craft. This set was release in 1985 and is part of the extensive collection of Classic Space sets that LEGO released in the 80’s. This yellow space minifigure appeared in 27 different sets!

I remember almost every detail of this set, because I played a lot with it (and when I say a lot, it’s a lot). My minifigure is faded and with a lot of teeth marks. Most of the parts are faded, worn out, broken or also with tooth marks (my tool to separate LEGO bricks at the time). Yes, you can say I took really good care of my LEGO sets back in the day.

This trip down the memory lane made me wish to have this set again. Mint or at least near in good condition. Probably going to look for it on Bricklink or ebay and find a nice deal just to own it again.

And you, what was your first LEGO set? Do you still have it? Share it with us!

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