The Brick Burguers

If you are a fan of LEGO and you like hamburgers you are lucky. “The Brick Burgers” is a LEGO themed restaurant that serves LEGO themed burgers. Yes, you read correctly. The burgers look like LEGO bricks and even have different colours. But not just the burgers. The store is also decorated with a lot of LEGO sets from City, to Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings and even some MOCs.

They even have a challenge called Lord Business Challenge where you can win LEGO sets if you finish your meal in a certain amount of time. The less time you take, better the price will be.

And judging from the menu of the restaurant, this place is not afraid of breaking some laws. Or that, or they have a nice licensing deal with Disney. They have burgers like the Hulk Buster, Darth Burger or the Lord Business. Unfortunately the worst is not the name of the Burgers, is the use of the LEGO brand itself. But that is something for LEGO to Judge.

Details apart, the major downside of this restaurant is that it is based in Philippines. It’s a little bit far from most of us but if, by any chance, you live in the country or happen to go there on vacations, don’t hesitate and visit the restaurant that celebrates LEGO.

This next video gives you an idea of what to expect from the restaurant.

you can find their official facebook page here.

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