LEGO Ideas Second 2016 Review results

Today it was revealed in the LEGO Ideas Blog the results of the second review of 2016.

The winner was one of the most modest sets the celebrates the achievement of women in science, the Woman in Nasa by 20tauri. It’s a great tribute set but of course not the greatest. But I understand LEGO: there are sets that are just to be to be considered and they would become to expensive to be sold.


I’m glad that Voltron: Defender of the Universe by len_d69 is still under consideration. I suspect that LEGO ready wants to sell it (the set was a success all over the internet), but it is trying to adquire the rights. A possible model was to have the 5 lions sold separately. This way we would not have a really expensive set, but a series of sets to collect that in the end they would form Voltron!!!!


You can check the full reveal below.

You can check the sets that did not pass the review below.

Adams Family house by afol777


Lego Observatory – Mountain View by ThomasW


Modular Construction Site by ryantaggart


Merchant’s House by bigboy99899


Plum Creek – The Little House on the Prairie by SeigneurFett


Lamborghini Veneno Roadster by Firas_supercar


Lovelace & Babbage by stubot


The Large Hadron Collider by NathanR2015


Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder by Psyence-


Spaceballs – Eagle 5 by NvdK


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