LEGO Ideas Fishing house images

On a previous post I’ve released the results of the 2016 LEGO ideas. The winner was the fishing house, a beautiful set created by the Ideas user Robert Bontenbal.

Now it just appeared on reddit images of the box of this future set. It’s the first look of the LEGO treatment the fan set received.

An this is the original one.

As you can see there a subtle differences between the 2 sets. Lego kept the main structure of the house but removed a lot of details like the 3 tires, the gold fish on top of the tower, the fishes above the window, the base of the house. LEGO of course added a lot of other details like a custom name for the house, a lot of playable details (like the boxes we can see in front the house) and, at least, 4 minifigures.

Hope that the interior is as detailed as the original set was and that the house opens from the side so we can access its interior easily.

The set should be release by the end of this year.

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