Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer

In the expanded universe that Disney destroyed, there was a class of ships far more greater than the Super Star Destroyer. In this expanded universe Palpatine was alive (it seems that he revived himself) and started a second version of the Empire, something called the Dark Empire.

In this Dark Empire his command ship was a ship far more greater than the Super Star Destroyed that we saw in episode VI. This ship was an Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer an it was built 6 years after the battle of Endor.

Because the LEGO AFOLs tend to create impossible THINGS, there was one known by the name of Outworlder (US) that created a 11000 piece monster.

Has we can see the difference between LEGO’s Super Star Destroyer and this version of the eclipse class SSD is noticeable.

We can see the scale compared with the minifigure of Luke Skywalker.

The creator even has a custom UCS sticker for it.

It is an enormous MOC that deserves to be shared with the community.

You can check all the images of this beast in Outworlder’s eurobricks post.

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