The LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Review

The Set

My first build of the year was the LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters. It was a special build because this set is one of the most known symbols of the pop culture worldwide. It was brought to us by the Ideas user BrentWaller in a project he entitled “Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary”.

It was release by LEGO on June 2014 and it was the first set under the name LEGO Ideas (previously known as LEGO Cuusoo).

You can check the still available LEGO Ideas page at the LEGO Ideas website.

Unfortunately the set is already unavailable in some places like the United States and Canada. If you live in Europe you are lucky because you can still buy it (but not for long).

The build

One of the things that stands out is the instructions. An awesome book with the story of the ghostbusters and filled with lines from movie during the build. The downside are the bags. They are not organised as a regular LEGO set. I had to open all the bags and separate all the pieces in order to start the build.

That took me about half an hour but it worth it because it speed things up. The first step was to assemble the minifigures and their base. The base was an awesome idea that really improves the display of the set, specially the display of the minifigures.

Next step was the Ecto-1. At first it didn’t look like much, but with each new step the car started to look better and better.

After the assemble of the bottom part of car, the only part left was the top, with a lot of small pieces and steps.

In the end it looked great. A little bit different from the original Ideas version but very good.

After the build was complete, the leftovers were about 22 small parts, a little bit more that i was expecting for a small set like this.

The final result, has expected, was awesome. A set that truly captures the greatness of the original car and one of a kind collectible item.

Now I’m just waiting for the acrylic box to protected it from dust and it will be ready to display!

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