The Lego Batman Collectible minifigures Prices


The official lego shop has just added the batman collectible minifigures to its catalog with a release date of 1 January.

The prices have raise (maybe because of the rights LEGO has to pay DC or maybe just because), but the fact is the this collection will cost more. Here are the prices currently in the LEGO shop:

  • United Kingdom – £2.99
  • Australia – AUD $5.99
  • Norway – 39,90 kr
  • Finland – 3,95€
  • Singapore – SGD$7.90
  • Portugal – 3.99€


At the time we wrote this post, many country didn’t had the minifigures in the catalog (like the United States, Spain or Germany). For the European countries is expected to be around the 3.99€ price (the same as Portugal). For the United States it would be expected to increase to the $4.99 price tag.

So open your wallets chaps, because this collection not only will have 20 minifigures, but will you cost a lot more:

  • United Kingdom – £59.80
  • Australia – AUD $119.80
  • Norway – 798 kr
  • Finland – 79€
  • Singapore – SGD $158
  • Portugal – 79.80€


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