Mr. Gold has Arrived to the Den…

… but unfortunately is not the real one.

For the ones that don’t know, Mr. Gold is one of the rarest minifigures around. It was the 17th minifigure of the series 10 of collectible minifigures and there are only 5000 around. It costs something like $2000 (price of the only minifigure i saw on sale in bricklink. It’s a price that i’m not ready to give for a minifigure, not now and not ever.

The version that arrived to the Den is one of the cheapest around. I bought it online and only cost me $3. The quality is far from perfect. It has a lot of imperfections and marks of overspray. The face and suit are fair, being the best part of the minifigure.

LEGO Mr Gold

Of course is not LEGO and because of that it has some huge fails, like the smudge in the next figure.

LEGO Mr Gold

For the price I really can’t complain much, but i’ll probably buy a custom one made from LEGO parts. For now, I can at least have something that resembles the original Mr. Gold.

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