LEGO December 2016 Calendar

LEGO released the December calendar and oh boy, there are some cool news.

The first gift is a colorable calendar from 2017. Is a nice gift but it is not LEGO. Is only good for the kids to spend a little time coloring. To get this calendar you have to spend $75 or more between 28 of November and the 11 of December.


The next in the list is the gingerbread man. Although is a cool figure, is a minifigure that everyone in the LEGO world knows, because is part of the collectible minifigures (series 11). LEGO could at least change some parts of the minifigure to make it unique, but no. As far as i can see, it’s an exact copy (without the cup). At least is good for the collectors that don’t have this minifigure.

You can get this minifigure from 12 to 18 of December if you spend $50 or more.

LEGO-December 2016 Special Offer Gingerbreadman

Finally, a sneak preview of 2017 sets. The new IP is Disney’s Moana, the new animation movie that will be released next month. The set seems to a friends set, with the two main characters: Moana e the demigod Maui. There is also a preview of the LEGO Batman Batcave and the Base of operations of DC superhero girls.

LEGO Disney's Moana

In the Europe the Christmas promotions were also revealed. The most interesting gift is the snow globe. Is an fabulous gift, maybe one of the best in years. This one i have to have. The other gifts are a toy soldier, a 24 in 1 present and the minifigure of a gingerbread man.


Of all the gifts, the Snowglobe is the best offer that LEGO is giving this Christmas.

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