Awesome experience in the Online Lego Shop

Although the new LEGO shop is a little buggy, the LEGO customer service continues to amaze me.

This time i was thinking of buying the set 75096 – Sith Infiltrator because I really love the minifigures that come with it.

LEGO 75096 Sith Infiltrator

Qui-Gon Jin, in particular, is pretty rare and expensive and i currently don’t have a Darth Maul in my collection so this set was perfect.


So i decided to buy it during the force Friday promotion that ended on the 3rd of October. But I forgot to make the purchase and only submitted my request to buy on the 4th of October at 1 a.m. Of course I didn’t get the Star Wars Stormtrooper polybag and didn’t triple my VIP points.

So I sent an email to the LEGO customer care explaining the situation and asking if they could add the contents of the promotion. The girl that answered my request answered it the following text:

Usually we can’t add point or send promotional items out of the time of the promotion. But today I decided to be a little ‘rogue’. I’m going to open an exception and give you the extra vip points and the First Order Stormtrooper!

For me this is an awesome customer service! Not only i got the stormtrooper Polybag, but also got the current promotion, the London Bus and a Ultimate Spiderman polybag.

LEGO 40220 London Bus



With this i got 5 new minifigures, 3 new polybags (the Stormtrooper, Spiderman and the london bus), tripled my VIP point, got a VIP discount of $15 and finally got a really good experience with LEGO customer Service.

In 2 words: LEGO Rules!

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