LEGO Warhammer 40000

Although this is rather old, I still find it awesome. The flickr user jerac has a series of MOCs and dioramas that really need to be shared with the world.

The first images are from a diorama of a battle between Orcs and Space Marines. The level of detail is fenomenal and in some cases we forget that we are actually looking at LEGO.

Lego Warhammer 40000 Diorama

Lego Warhammer 40000 Diorama

Taking a look in some detail to the Space Marines, they are really good. But the Predator Destructor tank is amazing. Look at the level of detail in it.

Lego Warhammer 40000 Space Marines

Lego Warhammer 40000 Predator Destructor tank

Finally, the piece of resistance, the Land Raider. It’s huge, detailed and it can be remotely controlled.

Lego Warhammer 40000 Land Raider

At the end of the day, the only thing I really wanted was that LEGO picked up the theme. Unfortunately I know that that will never be possible because it’s a very violent theme. The next best thing would be to have the instructions for those tanks. Really awesome job.

Don’t forget to visit jerac’s flickr page with all his work, including the awesome Warhammer 40000 MOCs.

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