The Witch arrived to the Den

One of the biggest bets with LEGO Dimensions was to bring to the LEGO world themes that make part of the childhood of many adult fans. One of the good bets they made was to add a fun pack of the Wizard of Oz.

LEGO 71221 Fun Pack Wicked Witch

This fan pack brings the only minifigure of this universe to be released, the Wicked Witch, the main villain of the movie.

Wicked Witch

The minifigure, although is black, it’s full of detail both in the front and back part of the body. The legs also have good detail with a little bag drawn. The head and hands are green like the original character. The minifigure is completed with a witch hat (commonly used through the LEGO universe both in magicians and witches), a cape and the witch broom.

I was a little bit disappointed with this figure because I bought it with a defect (that can be seen in the right low part of the leg) that i didn’t saw in the photos when i bought it. It seems that the minifigure was subject to high temperatures and was marked. It cost me $5 that would be a good price, if the minifigure was perfect.

It’s a minifigure that crossed several generations and was obligatory in my collection. The only thing left to know is when LEGO will launch the other 4 main characters: Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow.

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