The 10 most rare LEGO minifigures

After some research, these are the TOP 10 rarest minifigures:

10. Chrome Stormtrooper – Only 10000 were made. This minifigure was given with a purchase of a certain amount of LEGO products.


9. Chrome Darth Vader – Only 10000 were made. Available randomly in 2009 sets.


8. Cloud City Boba Fett – This was the first minifigure with a full print (torso and legs). It was release with set 10123 – Cloud City.


7. White Boba Fett – 10000 units were made and given randomly in events.


6. 14kt C3PO – 10000 units were randomly placed in 2007 Star Wars sets.


5. Mr Gold – Only 5000 exist. Randomly placed in the Series 10 Collectable Minifigures packs.


4. Iron Man – Randomly given in 2012’s New York toy fair. Only 125 exist.
3. Captain America – Randomly given in 2012’s New York toy fair. Only 125 exist.


2. Sterling Silver Boba Fett – Only 2 units exist.
1. 14 kt Boba Fett – Only 2 units exist.


Notice the patterns? The first is that Star Wars minifigures clearly dominate the top 10 rank of the most rarest. The second is that Boba Fett is among the most rarest characters in the LEGO world with 4 minifigures in the Top 10.

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