New LEGO minifigures for 2017

Lego Batman Minifigures

According to the site brickfanatics, 2017 will be the year when LEGO will unveil 2 new thematic series of minifigures besides the usual LEGO Collectable minifigures (series 17).

This time there will be an exclusive series of minifigures for the Ninjago Movie and another for the LEGO Batman Movie. The site also suggests that the LEGO Batman minifigure collection will have more minifigures than the Disney collection. This means that we can expect more than 18 minifigures! This is great news because there were a lot of great Batman suits in the last movie trailer.

For LEGO minifigure collectors like me this are great news because we will get the chance to collect thematic minifigures without buying LEGO sets.


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