Darth Revan has finally arrived to the Den

After a long wait (2 years), the minifigure of Darth Revan has finally arrived to the Den.

Darth Revan was a Sith Lord that live in the Old Republic. He started has a Jedi Knigth and trained with a lot of Jedi Masters. After the inactivity of the Jedi Order in the ongoing Mandalorian Wars, he founded a movement called Revanchist and tooke the name of Raven. It was during this time he started to use a mask of a dead Mandalorian and join the fight has the Republic’s Supreme Commander. After he has sacrificed half of his men, Revan finally defeats the Mandalorians ending the war. After this time he and his friend Alk (later known as Darth Malac) depart in search of the Sith behind the Mandalorian Wars. They finally find the Supreme Sith Emperor and Revan becomes Darth Revan.

Darth Revan

It was in 2014 that LEGO gave way this unique minifigure of the Sith war during the may the 4th.

Darth Revan

The minifigure has a lot of the detail but only in the front part representing very well the original character. It worth essencial because of its rarity. It was a giveaway that only lasted 3 days.

Its value in the market varies, because this poly became quite rare and at the time was very sorry for not buy something in the ELGO shop. 2 years passed and this minifigure now worths around $22 exactly the value i payed for it.

In fact, because the price of this piece is so high I never bought it. But because the medium price $40 i decided to advance because i probably would never arrange a deal like this.

It of course surpassed my maximum value of $7 per minifigure, but because this is so rare i decided to advance with the deal. Is a unique minifigure obligatory to have by any Star Wars minifigure collector.

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