Thorin Oakenshield has arrived to the Den

Thorin Oakenshield is one of the characters of the book Hobbit. He is the most important of the 13 Dwarfs that travel with Bilbo Baggins since he is the rightful king of the Lonely Mountain, ancient home of the mountain Dwarfs which is now owned by Smaug, a dragon. His objective is to reclaim the mountain and its treasure, specially the Arkenstone, the heart of the mountain, an heirloom of his house.

Thorin Oakenshield

This version of Thorin Oakenshield is part of the set 79017 The Battle of Five Armies a set from the 3rd movie of The Hobbit, the battle of the five armies.

This version of the minifigure has a lot of detail, having its center piece in the head. The head is a piece of detailed hair with a detailed golden crown exactly like the one in the movie. The figure also possesses the body with a detail royal armour. The legs are the typical dwarf legs used by LEGO. In general a really good minifigure, special because of the gold details in the head and body which makes it a great addition to my collection.

There are 2 more versions of this minifigure, one for each of the hobbit movies which I hope to obtain an talk about then soon.

After Gimli, this is my second minifigure of the Lord of the Rings Universe.

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