The Flash arrived to the Den

The Flash is a DC Comics hero created by Gardner Fox and the artist Harry Lampert. The original Flash appeared for the first time in Flash Comics #1, a comic book from 1940. Although it had the name Flash Comics, it was not exclusively dedicated to this character. His powers included moving extremely fast and sometimes violate the lwas of physics, having the power to travel through time

Flash Comics #1

The version that arrived to the Den represents the character of Barry Allen, the second Flash. He is best known in our days because of CW’s television series and his participation in the next movie of the Justice League. In the Lego world, this minifigure appears in 2 sets, 76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase from 2014 and 76026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas from 2015.

The Flash

The figure is extremely simple and with very few details. It has the expected detail in the body but the legs are simple red pieces. The helmet is custom made for the minifigures and completed with the small details of the head.

Because it’s an extremely important minifigure in the DC universe, in can easily reach more than $10. Exploring bricklink the most cheap minifigure costs around $8 that can easily reach $10 with postage. In my case this minifigure cost me around $6.

My conclusion is that i made a very good business for a figure so important in the DC universe. With this minifigure I can almost build a frame with all the Justice League minifigures.

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