The Falcon has landed in the Den

Sam Wilson was the first Afro-American of the MARVEL universe. He’s most known by his hero name, Falcon, and was created by Stan Lee and the artist gene Colan in 1969 having his debut in the comic book Captain America #117.

His original powers included telepathy with some birds and the ability to fly using a suit. The MCU’s (MARVEL Cinematic Universe) Falcon appears as a soldier that only has a suit which gives him the ability to fly.


In the LEGO world, Falcon has 2 versions. A more classic one, not like the original one of 1969, but more aligned with the one from the comics with his red and white suit. The other version comes directly from the MCU’s movie Captain America: Civil War in the set 76050 Crossbones’ Hazard Heist.


The minifigure has static wings, very similar to other MARVEL minifigures (like the Vulture or the classic version of Falcon) but more high-tech. They are rather large and rigid not contributing to a good storage of the minifigure, specially in a frame. The body has good detail but, one more time, the legs are left asside and are very poor with zero detail.

This fact affects the price of the minifigure which can be found in bricklink for about $5, the same price i gave for it. Details asside, Falcon is a member of the Avengers and has to make part of any good LEGO MARVEL minifigure collection.

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