3 special passengers aboard the Juno Spacecraft

In 5 august 2011 a spacecraft named Juno left earth heading to the giant planet Jupiter. Its objective was to explore with more detail the biggest planet in our solar system. Go further and deeper than any spacecraft before allowing to discover more secrets about the planet and the formation of our solar system.

This spacecraft was news this week because it finally arrived its destanation, Jupiter, on the 4th of July.

However, in addition to its mission, this spacecraft has a special particularity: It carries aboard 3 minfigures made by LEGO itself.

Lego Juno Minifigures

The 3 minifigures represent 3 different subjets related to Jupiter. From the left until right we have Galileo Galilei, scientist responsible for discovering 4 of Jupiter’s Moons (Europa, Io, Callisto and Ganymede), Juno, the wife of the roman God Jupiter, and God Jupiter himself. Galileo holds a model of the planet and a telescope, Juno a magnifying glass that signifies her search for the truth, and finally the god Jupiter holds a lighting bolt.

Lego Juno Minifigures

The 3 minifigures were created using a single block of aluminum in order to withstand the high temperatures of the journey and won’t interfere with the spacecraft equipment.

These LEGO minifigures are part of a joint agreement between the LEGO and NASA that is aimed at engaging the public in science education. Nasa wants to encourage the public to use LEGO pieces to build the models of the future of space exploration and submit them to NASA as part of a competition. Awesome initiative LEGO and NASA!

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