The Vulture has arrived to the Den

Adrian Toomes was an electronics engineer who once had a company with a man called Gregory Bestman. Bestman took care of the finances while Toomes too care of the invetions. One day, after Toomes invented a device that allowed him to fly, he discovers that Bestman has stolen his part of the company. Alone and without work, Toomes dedicated his time to perfect his invention and became The Vulture, a super villain capable of flying and with super human strength. He appeared for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man #2 on May 1963. The following video resumes his story in about 2 minutes.

In the LEGO world, this character arrives with the set 76059: Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap where he appears as a secondary minifigure. According to my research, this is the only version of the Vulture ever made.

The Vulture

The minifigure is very basic, using a common set of green legs without any detail, a body with a little detail that makes the character similar to the original character and a set of wings commonly use by LEGO specially in super hero minifigures (the Falcon of the Avengers). The head has a lot of detail, special in the back with little spots.

Although this is not a minifigure with a lot of detail, The Vulture is one of the Sinister 6 and for that a must have in any Super Hero collection.

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