The LEGO minifigure of Will.I.Am

It looks like LEGO has entered the business of making minifigures of famous people. And on top of that, the minifigures are super exclusive, super limited and numbered.

The chosen famous was Will I Am, the singer best known for is group Black Eye Peas and more recently for his solo career (more here).


According to the site, the super exclusive minifigure was given away at a brunch organized by LA’s Best, an organization that supports children in problematic neighbourhoods.


This time the organization gave to the singer Will.I.Am the prize of “Children’s Champion Award” and gave their gests 400 minifigures.


If we look closer, we can see the numbers on the left of each minifigure.

I could not find any for sale, but i believe that, if they do come out in the parallel market, the price will be absurd.

3 thoughts on “The LEGO minifigure of Will.I.Am”

  1. If you look at these, both the graphic design and the print appearance on the figure looks like it was made by some custom site and not lego themselves. So they are not really worth anything to a LEGO collector

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