New LEGO dimensions minifigures

LEGO recently launched the new trailer of LEGO dimensions with the new minifigures and i should say… WOW! LEGO is going to bring some fantastic things.

Adventure Time

In this level pack the player has to help Finn the Human find Enchidrion and prove to princess Bubblegum that he is a hero. The player has to battle the hordes of enemies while travels through the florest of mount Cragdor, the Brain World of the Dark Magician and much much more. The player will also have access to the new Pillow World Arena.

Adventure Time Team Pack-71246

In this team pack the player will have access to 2 new characters, Lumpy Space Princess and Jake the Dog, a new battle arena and new abilities like Access Slurp, Grapple Swing Shift and Shape. Two new vehicles will also be available, Lumpy Car e and BMO.

Harry Potter Team Pack

With this pack the player gains access to the Harry Potter World, having the possibility to play has Harry Potter where he can use abilities like Leviosa, Stupify, e Expelliarmus, or play has Lord Voldemort where he can use dark magic.

Mission Impossible

Ethan Hunt arrives to LEGO with a completely new world and battle arena where the player can invade the American Embassy, the CIA headquarters and much much more.

New Ghostbusters Story Pack

In this story pack the player will have access to 6 completely new game levels where he must help Abby Yates save the world from a mysterious demon. With this set the player can decorate the Toy Pad with a new look, unlock a new world of adventures and a new battle arena.

A Team Fun Pack

This is definitely my favorite, B. A. Baracus from the A-Team!!! An epic character with his all time vehicle, the van from the A-Team series. This one i have to buy for sure.

Besides these packs, LEGO will also launch more themes like Sonic, Gremlins, ET, Knight Rider, Teen Titans and Fantastic Beasts. You can see all in the E3 presentation trailer below. The packs will be releases in September 27.

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