Slave I UCS

Taking advantage of May the 4th promotions at the LEGO shop, I decided to lose my mind and buy a set that I’ve wanted for months. I talking about 75060 Slave I, the famous Star Wars ship that belongs to the most fierce bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett, and made its debut in episode V. It measures over 7” high, 17” long and 14” wide in landing mode and because of its size and detail, is has the UCS tag (Ultimate Collectors Edition).

As I referred in the past, I exclusively collect minifigures. But, in some rare cases, I make some exceptions. Slave I was one of those exceptions. This set was acquired not to remove the minifigures (like I usually do), but because of the quality of the build. It wouldn’t worth to buy such an expensive set when you can acquire all the minifigures for less that $40.

With this set, and because it was May the 4th, I received 2 offers. An exclusive polybag, a First Order Stormtrooper, and a Star Wars Episode VII poster.

The polybag was a little bit of a disappointing because the minifigure looks really similar with the one available in the set 75132 First Order Battle Pack. If we look carefully, they look very similar.

30602 vs 75132

The poster is a LEGO representation of the original Episode V poster. In the back we can see the original one from the cinemas.

May The 4th Poster

Back to Slave I, I’ll surely make a more complete reaview of the set when i assemble it. For now, I just leave you with the family photo.

Slave I

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