May the 4th LEGO Promotions

May the 4th 2016

Every year, and to celebrate the Star Wars day, LEGO makes a limited promotion and offers an exclusive minifigure during that time.

First Order Stormtrooper MayThe4th

This year, besides the exclusive Stormtrooper, LEGO offers 10% discount in almost every LEGO sets and an exclusive poster of Star Wars episode VII.

I confess that this year minifigure is not the most attractive one, but I’m still near losing my head. Because for months i’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to buy the 75060 – Slave I that costs $200. During this year’s promotion, the set has 10% discount. Adding the fact that i have $10 discount because i’m a lego VIP, this means that i can buy the set for $170 a very comfortable but still high price.But, because it’s cheaper and LEGO offers an exclusive minifigure and a poster, i think this is the right time to loose my head and spend my LEGO plafond for the rest of the year…

Adding the minifigure, there is an exclusive set, no numered, limited to 3500 units worldwide, limited to a small quantity by store and only available to some LEGO VIPs by invitation. That set is Escape The Space Slug and is a small set that represent the Space Slug that appears in Star Wars episode V.

Unfortunately I was not one of the chosen VIP and, given the limited number of units worldwide, the value in ebay is just absurd… about $330 when you search for the Buy it Now items.

If you are a fan of LEGO Star Wars don’t miss this promotion! It ends May the 7th.

May the 4th be with you!

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