Lobot arrived to the Den

And who is Lobot? Lobot is one of those Star Wars characters that everyone remembers, but no one knows his name.


Lobot is a human born on planet Bespin that, with the help of a device called AJ^6 cyborg construct (the cybernetic implant that he has on his head), helped the empire making battle calculations. Eventually he started to work for Lando Calrissian has his assistant in the Cloud City, position that he still occupies in episode V.

There are 2 versions of this figure in the LEGO universe. The first figure was released in 2002 with the set 7119 Twin-Pod Cloud Car. At that time the Star Wars LEGO minifigures were still yellow and with few details. The second figure, the one that added to my collection, comes from the set 9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin from 2012, a small set with a figure, a planet and a small ship:

9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin

It’s a simple figure that represents well the character. It has good detail in the body, although i think the head you be awesome if the cybernetic part was detached, but i understand the complexity of achieving that.

At the end of the day is a awesome figure to add to the collection of any Star Wars fan.

With so many Star Wars minifigures in my collection I have to start thinking in a good way to organize them. I think some IKEA Ribba frames with a custom background for each episode would be great. What do you think?

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