Geonosians have invaded the Den

2 Geonosian warriors have invaded the Den. They came directly of the set 9491 Geonosian Cannon. This set also contained 2 more characters: jedi Barriss Offee am Commander Gree (the same commander that tries to assassinate Yoda in episode 3).

This set has the particularity of being base in the Clone Wars animated series. The figures, namely Barriss Offee and Commander Gree, have a more cartoon face. The Geonosian Soldiers, althouth they don’t have cartoon faces, they are also based in the animated series.


The Geonosian Trooper is the common soldier that we can see in the animation series and episode 2. It’s the second iteration of the Geonosian Trooper since the first comes from the 2003 set 4478 Geonosian Fighter. In the most recent version the detail of the head and body was increased and the color pattern has changed from a dark grey into a light brown.


While the previous figure was seen in the movies, this is exclusive to the animation series. In the series, the Queen Karina the Great was able to control sentient beings, including her own Geonosians trooper, with brain worms. Even after they were dead, they continued to fight because of the worms in their brains. Thats the reason why they became zombies and this minifigure was born.

I’d never assembled these kinds of wings so i had do search the original instructions for some help. Problem apart, 2 exact minifigure where the only difference is the color (one is light brown and the other is grey).

Althouth i’m not a fan of the Genosians (the legend says that George Lucas was inspired to create the Geonosians based on an invasion of termites in his house) they are a good adition to my Star Wars colection. For good or for worse they are part of one of the most important moments in the Star Wars history: the creation of plans to build the Death Star,

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