Darth Vader, the Emperor and Luke Skywalker arrived

3 minifigures that i’ve been searching for a long time finally arrived. Never, until today, i managed to find a good deal to buy them. They were always too expensive. When I speak about to expensive, I talk of values higher than $10 each.

DarthVader Emperor Luke SkyWalker

Finally, and through an opportunity i found in the LEGO store, I bought the 3 minifigures. All of them came from the set 75093 Death Star Final Duel.

Darth Vader

According to brickset website, there are about 14 different versions of Darth Vader. Most of them are identical, with small differences usually in the head and helmet. For what i could find, there are really only 5 versions that we can consider different.

In my case, I only own one of those versions, given that the special christmas version is based in the most recent model. One of the great evolutions is not the detail of the body, but the helmet. It started has a full helmet and change for a 2 part piece. It also became bigger and closer to the one we see in the movies. Regarding the body part, if the christmas version didn’t had those christmas details, it would be equal to the most recent version.

Darth Vader

A must have figure in any LEGO Star Wars collection!



Darth Sidious is one of those compelling figures. The supreme leader of the Sith and the responsible for the most elaborated plan ever to take control of the republic and the galaxy.

Although he is not as recurrent as Darth Vader in the LEGO sets, he has 4 different versions of the minifigure. The real change between them is the head that started yellow, became grey and now as a color similar to skin color. The body is really simple representing a robe and the hood is the most common one in the LEGO universe. The great difference is in the expression that is more detailed in the most recent version. The version I bought came with 2 lightning bolts that represent the dark side bolts we see in the movies.

Not the most detailed figure, but a must have in any Star Wars collection.

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

Finally we arrive to the hero of the first trilogy. This version has a lot of detail in the body piece, compared to older versions where the minifigure that only had a simple robe.

I already got the vintage version of the minifigure (the episode VI Luke Skywalker), but, because of the level of detail, the new one easily surpasses the previous.

In the end, the 3 minifigures were very cheap compared to the prices I saw on ebay. I bought the set with 10% discount in the LEGO store and received an exclusive 4th May minifigure. From the set, I took only the 3 figures described. I left the 2 royal guards because I already have the version that was released with the set 75034 Death Star Troopers. I sold the set for $50 and the polybag for $10. To value the set cost me, $72, if we subtract those earnings, in the end each minifigure cost me around $4 each. A good price for such unique minifigures.

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