New Star Wars minifigures

The next 3 posts will be about an arrival of more than a dozen Star Wars minifigures to the Den.

Today I’ll show the first 4, where 2 are vintage figures and the others are a lot more recent but old.

Hoth Soldiers and Obi Wan

  • Hoth Officer: We can find this figure in the set 8083: Rebel Trooper Battle Pack from 2010. In the movies, this character can be found in the beginning of episode V, in the mitical battle of the planet Hoth. This character is one of those that I really wanted to add to my collection because i didn’t have any Hoth rebels in it. The price was really acceptable, about $4.5.
  • Hoth Rebel Trooper: This minifigure comes from the same set as the previous one, set 8083: Rebel Trooper Battle Pack from 2010. The only difference from the previous figure and this one is that the first is an officer and the latest a common soldier. The price was the same, $4.5.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: One more vintage figure to join my collection. This figure can be found in the set 7203-1: Jedi Defense I from 2002. It represents Obi Wan as a padawan in episode 1. Despite the good price I paid for it, $6, the cape was damage. So I’ll have to buy a new one (probably via bricklink)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: I confess this was an acquisition error. This figure is also Obi Wan but is from episode 2. The source set is 7143: Jedi Starfighter from 2002. It’s not a very interesting minifigure, but i sincerely thought that this figure was Qin Gon Jinn the first time i saw it. Obviously it’s not (Qin Gon was dead in episode 2). Despite the error, this is still a vintage figure, with 14 years, almost new, and it’s a good addiction to any Star Wars collection. Like the previous figure, it cost me $6.

So, this 4 minifigures cost me a total of $21, where 2 have 14 years old an the other 2 have 6 years old. The prices were also reasonable so I think they were good acquisitions.

In the next post I’ll show 4 new figures, 2 clones and 2 droids.

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