New Castle Minifigures

The ones that follow the LEGO Den know that I only collect minifigures. Of course I make some rare exceptions, especially with Star Wars.

My collection was mostly collectable minifigures, where i started. At the moment, I also collect Star War, Marvel and DC minifigures where i’m starting to have a very nice collection.

But there is a whole world of minifigures that catch my attention. I don’t actively search for good businesses, but when a opportunity arrises I usually take it. That is the case of LEGO Castle, Pirates, Chima and Ninjago.

Today i’m going to talk about the Castle series, one of the childhood passions.

Castle is a very old love. When i was little my parents offered me the Black Falcons Fortress with which i played and destroyed almost all the minifigures. Recently, from the deeps of the parents house, i dug my old LEGO parts and rebuilt the Fortress.

Black Falcons Fortress

Since then, i’m always checking if there are good deals. That’s what happened with the 2 battle packs i bought in the LEGO shop, the last 2 Caste battlepacks launched by LEGO in 2013: the Blue Lion Knights and the Red Dragon Knights.

Lego Castle Minifigures

I almost cry when i search the web and find the awesome battle packs that were launched in the past. Full of unique minifigures ideal for any collection.

According to what I’ve researched, Castle was already rebooted several times. It has been called Knights’ Kingdom, Knights’ Kingdom II or simply Kingdoms. It had dozens of factions including sorcerers, thiefs, forest men, dragon knights, orcs or even samurais. Unfortunately, in our days, there are more interesting themes for younger audiences like Ninjago or Chima. This might be the reason why LEGO has discontinued all the Castle sets. But there is still one available, a Blue Lion Knights battle pack. Or at least it was available because now its marked as sold out. So I think this is the unannounced end of the Castle era.

Regarding my collection, beside this 2 battle packs I only have about half a dozen or so Castle minifigures. I will certainly grow my collection but only if good businesses appear. Because, According to my searches in Bricklink, the cost of the battle packages is HUGE!!! Typically about 5 times their buy value…

Wrapping up, I hope this collection returns in the future. Not only this theme is part of the LEGO history, but well explored this theme can be a huge success, specially among Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs).

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