LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Although I’m not a big fan of LEGO Technic, I think this model is very special.


This is the representation of the iconic model which design survided several generations. This model presents a lot of new pieces, some of them exclusives, like the rims. Also possesses little great details like the functional gear box, the functional steering wheel, the yellow brake Porche calipers, one trunk in the back and another in the front, red springs and a unique serial number that will give the owner access to exclusive online content. It’s a 1:10 scale model and is 17 cm high, 57 cm long, and 25 cm wide.


The box is also an experience and it’s really different from the ones that we are used to see in a Technic set. It possesses a construction manual that looks like an encyclopedia where we can a find a lot of real construction details.

Is, without doubt, a marvellous set not only for LEGO fans, but for car fans as well. LEGO as exceeded itself with this creation and, because of its unique characteristics, it will become a reference set and a real object of desire.

It will cost $299.99 or £249.99 and it will be available online on the 1st of June and in 13 brand stores in Germany and Austria, then elsewhere August 1st. There will not be early access for VIPS.

The official video shows Andrew Woodman, a Senior Design Manager at LEGO, presenting all the aspects and curiosities of the set namely the new pieces, functionalities and curiosities.

If you are a fan of LEGO or a fan of super cars, this is a set that you cannot miss.

In the Brickset website you can find the complete LEGO press release, super detailed informations about the product and interviews with the designers. A super complete article that you cannot miss if you want to find ou everything there is to know about this set.

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