How to get 5 Star Wars minifigures for free

In my previous post I’ve showed 5 new episode VII minifigures. Now I’ll describe how I got them for free.

First, the set 75103-1: First Order Transporter costs about $89.99 in the official LEGO store.


When i bought i had 200 VIP points that lowered the value to $79.99.

With the set, and because by the time I bought it it was Christmas, the store offered me a Gingerbread House which i sold for about $25. So the real price of the set is now $54.99.


I put the set 75103-1: First Order Transporter on sale without minifigures in several local channels. I asked for $45, price that i considered reasonable for this set without minifigures. I sold it for the price i asked and the total price i gave for it was now $9.99.

Since this set had duplicated minifigures namely a First Order Stormtrooper and a First Order Flametrooper I decided to put them on sale for $6 and $9 each.

in the end the set actually costed me $0 and I won about $5 which i spend in gas making all the businesses.

All of this seems easy but it has some risk and a lot of time spent preparing everything. You have to have money to invest and, more important, never give up selling the set. Also it’s good to have several different channels were you can put your things on sale. Local websites and facebook channels are my favorite. I also advise to buy your sets in supermarket promotions or directly in the LEGO store. In the promotions you can always find good deals sometimes at half the price and in the official LEGO store you win VIP points and exclusive polybags which, in some cases, become very rare and expensive.

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