Finally Boba arrived to the Den

One of my favorite character in the Star Wars Universe is probably the one less appears, although it has a great importance to the story. For some reason it became an iconic character. Maybe because he caught the great Han Solo and for that gain a status of the coolest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy.

So i decided to buy the set 75137-1: Carbon-Freezing Chamber just because of Bobba Fett. Of course it brought as bonus Han Solo in its carbonite clothes, an Ugnaught, that pig face guy that controles the carbonite chamber, and the carbonite chamber itself with Han Solo.

Carbon Freezing Chamber

Has always i sold the set and kept the minifigures. Sold it for about $17. This means that all 4 minifigures cost me around $2 each, a nice value for each of the 4 minifigures.

With this order LEGO offered me a nice surprise that i’ll unveil in a next post.

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