A new Star Wars Battle Pack as arrived

This week a new battle pack arrived to the LEGO Den. Namely the 75134 – Galatic Empire Battle Pack.

Galatic Battle Pack

From left to right we have:

  • Imperial Jetpack Trooper: the only storm trooper with marks of war and a Jetpack.
  • Imperial Shock Trooper: the elite trooper of the Galatic Empire. This is an updated version of the Shock Troopers of the Republic that we can see in Episode III.
  • Imperial Officer: the empire official is the less interesting minifigure in the set. Nevertheless, is always a good addition to any collection.

I love this battle packs because they have a good relation price/quantity. If we discard the price of the LEGO pieces, he cost of each figure is about 4€. If we see the LEGO pieces for a reasonable price, about $5, the prices decreases to $3 which is a very good price.

Today, just for fun, I counted the number of Str Wars minifigures in my collection. Counting with the ones in the image above, I possess around 80 minifigures. If i count with the ones still inside the boxes I currently possess more than 100 Star Wars minifigures. A good number for a modest collection of LEGO Star Wars minifigures.

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