3 new figures arrived the Den

This week was filled with new minifigures. Today I’ll present the first 3: 2 Star Wars figures and 1 Marvel.

Magento and Star Wars

  • AT-DP Pilot: The first minifigure comes directly from the LEGO Star Wars microfighters series 3, most precisely from the set 75130 – AT-DP. This figure comes from the animated Star Wars universe, most precisely from the Star Wars Rebels series. It cost me $3.
  • Magneto: This is on the top of my favorite minifigures. It’s one of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe and it’s represented in the LEGO universe with only 2 versions. This version is a representation of the traditional Magneto suit that we seen in both the comics and in the animation series. It was release in the 2012 set 6866 Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown. I consider this set was very wee, but it had 3 fantastic minifigures: Magneto, Deadpool and Wolverine. It worth the money only for these 3 minifigures. The cost was about $7.
  • Clone Trooper: This clone appears in the The Clone Wars the animation series. I was available in about 11 sets from 2008 until 2009. Example of these sets is the 8014 – Clone Walker battle pack which I already mentioned in the past. It cost me $3.

The addition of Magneto to my collection was a nice surprise. Not only because it is in an excellent state, but because is a rare figure that cost me a lot less than the ones that are selling on ebay or bricklink.

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